There's a boat in my bottle!

If you have kiddies who watch Disney Junior, chances are they love all things pirate / boat related.

My 2 are no exception. Which combined with our love of all things coastal naturally resulted in me making a boat in a bottle!

If you want to try this, make sure the kiddies are out the way, chances are you will swear and glue and sand will get EVERYWHERE!

To make one you need the following,
{I’d suggest you get everything together before you start}
Drift wood
Bakers twine
Decorative Sand
Cocktail stick
2 eye hooks
Craft glue
Scrap fabric
Pokey hole making thing

{.You want a piece of wood which will fit inside your bottle}

Take topper off the bottle and put some decorative sand in the bottle, not too much, enough to make a small layer once the bottle is placed on its side.

Using the pokey hole making thing, make a hole in the middle of your piece of drift wood, you want it big enough for the cocktail stick to sit in, but not to big that the tooth pick will wobble out.

Screw one eye hook in to each end of your piece of drift wood.

Tie one end of your bakers twine to the eye hook at the front of the boat.

Snip the cocktail stick, if required, to a length that it will stand up in the bottle once in place on the boat.
Loop the bakers twine around the top of the cocktail stick, with the stick wedged in the hole in the drift wood, and then thread the twine through the other eye hook. Pull tight, this lets you measure how much twine you need.

Cut a ‘sail’ out of the scrap fabric, I cut a triangle, covered it in glue and folded it round the cocktail stick, just underneath the twine at the top.

Cover the twine which will be in the bottle with craft glue, this will add some strength to it.

Put a small blob of glue into the hole on the drift wood, place the cocktail stick in the hole, then tip the stick forwards, towards the front of the ‘boat’.

GENTLY, insert the driftwood boat into the bottle; you need to put the front of the boat in first.
Using scissors or tweezers hold the boat in place, and GENTLY pull the excess twine back out the bottle, not to far!!!

Using another pair of scissors or tweezers, DON’T LET GO OF THE BOAT, re-insert the cocktail stick in to the hole in the boat, smoshing it in to the glue.

No photo of this part, I can't take photos whilst holding two pairs of scissors.

You need to hold it in place for a minute or so to prevent it from falling down.
Once its set, you can add some more sand if you wish.

Place a small blob of glue on the inside rim of the bottle, place the twine in the glue and cut the excess twine away.

Bung the stopper back in the bottle, and you’re done.

The boys have called it Bucky, I will have to make kiddie friendly ones in fizzy drink bottles!

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  1. Well well... it appears you have reached 300 followers! Well done to you indeed. I seem to remember (through very few reminders by yourself) a short number of months ago I promised you a present when you got to 300. I think we should leave this up to your followers to decide on what that present should be.... (be kind to me and my wallet please, ladies! PLEASE!!)

  2. I may have said this before, Amanda, but you are a genius: a most excellent tute.

    Re the prezzie that Spencer is offering to get you (lucky you!), I think it should be ANYTHING you want. How exciting!

  3. CLEVER! so so very cool! Jane:)

  4. I kinda like that you couldn't take a picture of "the" moment. It keeps the mystery alive! LOVE this project! Thank you for linking to Handy Man, Crafty Woman's Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  5. Cute! Thank you for linking to Sew Woodsy last week! We hope you will join us again tomorrow!


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