Wilber the Worm Bookends

The other day I decided to make some bookends for the boys' books, I finally got fed up with them falling down all over the bookshelf!

I told Spencer what I wanted to do and he suggested having the worm looking as though it’s eating the apples so I have to thank him for this great idea!

If you want to make your own you will need

Scroll saw
Sand paper
Apple image
Spray glue
Paints & brush
Sewing machine
Scrap fabric
Hot glue
Marker pen
Craft wire

First of all you need to print out an image of your apple; I used Microsoft clip art for mine, having cut out the image I then used spray glue to attach it to the wood, remember you need 2 apples! If you’re of the arty persuasion you could just hand draw the apples on to the wood!

Using a scroll saw I cut out the apples.

Once they were cut out I removed the paper templates and sanded all the edges down.

I then painted one apple red and one green.

I wanted the actual bookends to extend 1 inch either side of the apple so had hubby cut some wood to size.

These pieces were then sanded, and painted a rather fetching shade of blue.

After walloping my fingers the other day with a hammer, I went with the slightly safer route of hot gluing the bookend pieces together.

Next up was making Wilber the book eating worm, I cut a piece of scrap fabric, folded it in half and pinned together,  into what very loosely could be interpreted as a worm, try squinting your eyes if you cant see it!

Using a sewing machine I stitched closed two edges, remembering to back stitch, leaving one end open for turning. I then turned it right side out, snipped it to the desired length for the head and upper body of Wilber.

Using a marker I drew on a happy worm face.

I then stuffed him full of stuffing, I wanted to shape the body somewhat so threaded a piece of craft wire through the centre, using wire cutters to trim off any excess.

I repeated this process to make the ‘tail’ end of Wilber, going with a slightly more pointed end.

I wanted to add a little bit of character to Wilber, so using some craft wire and a pen I made a rather lovely looking pair of spectacles, a dab of hot glue keeps these in place.

Once I had bended the parts of Wilber to their required shapes, I used hot glue to first glue the open ends closed and then to attach each piece on to their appropriate apples.

Using hot glue I then attached an apple to each bookend.

Now all that was left was to position some of the boy’s book between the bookends, and trala!

Here you have some cute and functional bookends.

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  1. What a great little project! Visiting from the Us and Them linky party. Stop on by.

  2. How clever! These would also make great teacher gifts!

    Visiting from Us & Them linky.

  3. So cute! The glasses are adorable.

  4. Love the little worms. thanks for the tutorial. I'm a new follower I hope to see you at http://diyhshp.blogspot.com/

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  5. These are so cute! They would make amazing teacher gifts.


  6. How cute!


  7. that worm just makes me smile!
    great job!


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