The exploding staple gun, and memo board!

At the moment I’m trying to sort out my craft desk / stash, not as easy as I’d thought! 

If I had a craft room I’d have a bunch of my favourite things out on display, but with the terrible twosome getting into EVERYTHING I can’t risk having anything dangerous or important within reach of their grubby little mitts.

Having given up in defeat I decided to revamp the memo board, wouldn’t cause too much hassle I thought!

I was wrong.

My staple gun exploded in to this!

And why on earth I thought the terrible twosome wouldn't be interested in
Tack pins
Hot glue
Paint, I don't know!.

Sleep deprivation has messed with my judgement obviously!

Anyhoo, here’s what I did,

First of all, I kinda broke the staple gun, this step is entirely optional, but I wouldn’t recommend taking a screw driver and chisel thingy to it, or you get this.

Told you I was sleep deprived,

Once you gather all the pieces, hide them from hubby and think of a plausible excuse as to why it’s in so many pieces.

Next grab a hammer, tack pins, fabric and pin board. Cover the front of the board with the fabric, use tack pins to secure in place at the rear of the board. Trim away any excess.

I used different coloured ric rac, strung across the board, secured at the back with more tack pins, to hang bits from.

I didn’t want to just use regular plain push pins or mini pegs, so I jazzed them up a little with items from my craft stash, flowers, glitter, sparkly stars and metal toppers. 

I love how you can turn something plain and ordinary into something a little special with nothing more than glue, paint and a few embellishments!.
And now I have a rather funky memo board and cute pegs, seems a fair exchange for an exploded staple gun and a pot of pink glitter all over the house!

Aren't these just some of the cutest storage boxes ever? No idea what to keep in them, but they sure do look nice!

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  1. Hi Amanda, yet another genius make from you. Glad you shared this with us as I've got a memo board (found in a skip) crying out for this fabric covering treatment. Just got to find the right fabric. Love the idea of using ricrac instead of ribbon.

    Sorry to hear about your sleep deprivation. Hope you get some rest today. xxx

  2. First of all...LOL about the staple gun! Been there, done that with the sleep deprivation so I feel your pain. At least you are keeping your sense of humor about it! :-) Your memo board looks just darling and we are so glad you shared it with us at Inspiration Friday this week!

  3. Sorry about the staple gun! Your board looks great though! Love the fabric!


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