I don't like Tuesdays!

I just dropped my friggin camera on the floor, which admittedly was a stupid thing to do, and it’s busted.

No more click click flash!

It wasn’t the most high tech professional camera in the world but I’m still peed off with myself, ho hum, off to buy a new one I suppose.

Hope everyone else is having a better Tuesday.


  1. Oh no, poor you. I hate it when things like that happen. Our computer has gone up the creek for the 2nd time this year. Grrrr. Annoying.

    The week can only get better (surely). xx

  2. AWW bummer! Sorry girl..Ya Tuesdays do kind of suck..I like Wednesdays and Fridays :)

  3. Oh Bugger I hate it when stuff like that happens.
    Have fun shopping for a new one and be sure to post some pics of Ethan and Ahren once you have :-)

  4. Amanda, maybe this will make your Wednesday better than yesterday, I featured you today! By the way, I dropped my camera in the lake last year!

  5. I am so clumsy, I am constantly dropping my phone and camera. It is amazing both aren't in pieces! Sorry about your camera :( Maybe it's time for an upgrade ;)

  6. Hi,

    We had to buy a new camera last week, the focus is stuck! It's because our 3 and a half year old boy messes about with it, but now we are putting the new one in a place he can't reach and let him have a look but making sure he doesn't break it!!

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