Shopping Trip I Spy

I’ve never been a huge fan of shopping, whether grocery, clothes or whatever, so you can imagine 
how much ‘fun’ I have when shopping with my little darlings?!

Honestly, they could have been angelic little sweethearts right up until we get to those magical slidey open doors, then BAMO!!

Tears, stomping feet, tantrums, reaching out to strangers for hugs, and that’s just me, the other 2 are something else entirely.

Most memorable is when Ethan reached out and rested his hand on an elderly ladies boob! Apparently the highlight of her day! Other times its food thrown in trolleys’, not always ours, the usual crying and screaming and climbing out of trolley.

So far nothing we have tried seems to ease the experience, except leaving the store, which isn’t always possible when you NEED to shop, even those ‘looks’ from disapproving adults, yeah like your kiddies NEVER made a peep!

So my almost last resort, Grocery Shopping I Spy.

Using windows clip art, a printer, and a laminator I have made them these lists of items which we would normally see / buy in the store, each item has a box next to it, when they see that item, they place a tick in the box!

I didn’t put the lists in any real order, having dairy, fruit or whatever all together would have been too easy!

Next time we go to the grocery store, I shall pop these and a washable marker in their backpacks, I’ll let you know how we get on.

I still don’t know how to attach pintables’ to a post but if you want them just leave a comment and I can email them to you.


  1. You do know you're a genius, right? So many kids run wild throughout supermarkets, this is such a good idea to get them to quiet down and focus on something other than pulling things off the shelves and screaming. :)

  2. Ok now that is a GREAT idea! My kids would love to do something like this and I might just enjoy my shopping trip?! The thought that that's even a possibility has me giddy-thanks for sharing! (and for leaving me a sweet comment on my blog!)

  3. Hi!!! i love the idea.. i have 2 girls ages 2 and 3 and ita an adventure everytime.. I would love if you send them to me via email at!!!

    love your blog!!


  4. That is the BEST idea EVER!!

  5. You are a genius!! You really need need to patent that, you'll be the next millionaire! Thank you so much for linking up!

  6. I would love a copy of this printable - my e-mail is

    Thanks for this great idea!!


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