A wonderful weekend!

I just have to share how awesome my boys are with you!

This weekend, I’ve had super long sleep ins, the boys now wake up at 5am, hurrah, so hubby being the lovely guy that he is has been letting me sleep in until……..10am! I love my sleep!

And yesterday I came downstairs to find this gorgeous piece of art work,

Isn’t it great! And for breakfast / lunch, I got my favourite cinnamon toast, hurrah!

I love my weekends, but I love my boys even more. 


  1. You are very lucky indeed! It's my b'day tomorrow and I'm now thinking that if I woke up to that i would be a happy mummy!! Think it will be more like tomorrow after school before they remember!! LOL

  2. What a wonderful way to wake up, and such a loving family. You are truly blessed!

  3. The most amazing thing is A&E did it all by "themselves", I mean I didn't "help" at all :)

    Hope you enjoyed your lay ins hunny. Don't get too used to it though ;)


  4. What a super hubby you have! Thanks for visiting and your nice comments!


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