Door Stopper Redo!

After my visit to hospital this week, I’ve been taking it easy craft wise, which gave me the perfect opportunity to fix what was a poor excuse for a door stop.

I made this one ages ago, and over time it’s been knocked about and this morning spilt its load of stuffing and lavender.

So using the original stuffing and some off cuts of fabric I knocked up this brand spanking new one!

If you want to make one this is how I did it.

Firstly I drew a circle on my fabric this made up the base; I drew around one of the boys cleaning buckets.

I then drew and cut out a rectangle of fabric, ensuring that the width was sufficient to go around the base.

Using a contrasting fabric, I cut out letters to spell LOO, I know some people don’t like the word but I do, besides can you imagine the size of door stop I would need if I had toilet / bathroom or lavatory instead!

I used fabric glue to attach the letters to the centre of the fabric rectangle.

To make the trim I cut a piece of fabric the same length of the rectangle about 2 inches wide, I folded it in half and ironed it, then opened it up and folded the ends into the centre and ironed them.

I then slipped this over the edge of the rectangle of fabric and pinned in place.
Using my sewing machine I sewed it in place.

I then pinned the base and the rectangle together, inside out, to make a cylinder.
Again using the sewing machine I sewed the pieces together, cutting notches in the edge to make it neater once turned right side out.

Before turning right side out, I sewed the cylinder edges together.

Once turned right side out I gently ironed the fabric.

Using some scraps of wadding I lined the sides of the cylinder. 

I then filled it up with the dried beans from the old door stop, to add a nice fragrance I also added some dried lavender.

I placed some more wadding on top, and bunched up the neck of the cylinder, using a needle and thread I sewed it closed.

As a final touch I added a piece of ribbon to the neck.

It now sits rather proudly outside the bathroom, propping open the door, hopefully this one won’t be knocked about so much!


  1. Aren't you clever??! I could use one of these for my girls' room!!

    Thanks so much for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party (and for linking back-I appreciate that!). :)

  2. very cute door stop! I love the way you have it tied at the top.
    thanks for linking up!

  3. Oh, no, being laid up is no fun! Is it your dominant hand that needs rest? I have been doing a lot of embroidery lately, most stitches only require the use of one hand.....glad that its not really a clot that you have.
    Did you say that you have a cold? If you cough or sneeze really hard or while bending over, that can put a rib "out". It can be pretty painful and hurt to breathe. I used to always have to be readjusted by my chiropractor when I did this.....

  4. Oh my word, that's my name!! As you know, Amanda, I love your makes. This one is most excellent, you clever thing.

    I've just read your previous posts. Hope you're OK. Takes lots of care. xx

  5. I love your trim. This is a cute idea!

  6. I just hopped over to your blog today. I am not sure what's wrong with your arm but I would definitely say that you did a great job. Get well soon :)

    I am hosting my first link-up party - Tea Time Thursdays @ Kreative Korner. Would be glad to see some of your awesome posts there. Hope to see you at the party.

  7. Glad that you are taking it easy, hope you recover 100% quickly :) Love the door stop, it is perfectly cute and functional! Two things that I highly recommend ;) Thanks so much for linking up with us!

  8. Very cute doorstop! I much prefer loo...too. Thank you for linking with air your laundry Friday!



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