How does your garden grow?!


One thing that bums me out more than most things is the fact I cannot grow plants or flowers for love nor money!

I buy the most gorgeous, blooming colourful plants and before I even get a chance to re-pot it, plant it out or just gaze at its wonderfulness… poof and its gone!
I’m left with a shrivelled up, waterlogged, limp and or crunchy plant, with more brown than colour.

But for some fluky reason I can grow lavender, humour me please don’t say it’s easy! Oh, and I can buy or receive lovely bunches of flowers.

This combined with the fact that this summer there are a ridiculously large number of moths about has prompted me to make some lavender hearts for the house.

 Firstly, I had to get some lavender and what better than the lavender grown in my own back garden!

Before I could put the lavender to use I had to snip it and dry it out, oh and remove any nasty spiders.

There are many different ways for drying this stuff, this is how I do it, and so far I’ve never had any problems.

On a dry morning, before it gets too hot, I snip off those stems that have a decent sized head.

I always snip each stem roughly the same size, approximately 20cmish.
I bunch them together and shake them out to remove any nasties.

I then spread them out thinly on a tray and place it somewhere it will get full sun to help dry them out.

Now, you can either bring them in doors at night or put them back outside the next day if further drying is needed. Or you can put them in a warm dry place out.

Once they are dry you need to remove the flowery part from the stems, I find working over a tray captures most of the buds.

Hold the stem in one hand and with the other pull off the buds, one or goes and they should be off.
Repeat this for all the stems.

Remove anything from your lavender which shouldn’t be there.

I store mine in a jar until I’m ready to use it, I top it up every few weeks with more lavender as I dry it.

And now you have some gorgeous fragrant dried lavender, suitable for a whole host of things, soaps, candles and hearts to name a few. I actually think it looks rather pretty stood in the bucket.


  1. Love it! My lavendar seems so slow to bloom this year; I can hardly wait!

  2. Hi there- found you through the hop and am a new follower. I am semi-obsessed with Lavender! I have to smell it every time I see it. Thanks for showing how to care for it when dried. I hope you have time to follow my life in South Africa by

    I hope you have a great week!

  3. I recently planted some english lavender in my yard, they are still so tiny! I need to find some of the more fragrant variety and add those too.Your flowers look so beautiful and I am so jealous! Thanks for linking up with Show and Share!!


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