It's been a while but...

Just in case any of you thought my kiddos had turned a corner and had started behaving themselves, read on for what will surely give you a giggle and hopefully will be a cunning way of letting hubby know what’s happened without having to tell him!

I’m running on about 4 hours sleep so it’s no wonder that whilst I was cleaning the oven my gorgeous little monkeys did this

Kitchen cabinet

TV Screen, you can't see the marks too well here, but they are definitely there

Chalk board I made them

Dinner Table I painted for them

TV Cabinet Spencer's dad made

The 'Artist' he's either auditioning for the Smurf movie or wants the rest of him to match those baby blues!

All with permanent marker.

I've tried cleaning it off, some bits are smearing others are not budging!

Why for the love of all things recycled, will my boys not draw on paper?!?
Anyone know how to get permanent marker off

And on top of all this, just too really make today ‘special’ I have the most painful ear infection, sprained muscles’ between my ribs (this hurts so bad ALL the time) and a stinking cold which is making me lose my voice!
I don’t like Mondays L

How’s your day?!


  1. Oh dear, you've got some messes going on..not sure but have you tried the Mr Clean erasers. probably don't try it on the TV though. Probably have to rid your house of markers, kids..we love them and they test us..don't they? Wishing you much success in cleaning this up!

  2. Hope your day gets better! I used to teach pre-kindergarten and loved to use permanent markers. When they got everywhere (walls, tables, chairs) I would use bug spray to get it off. Hope it (or something) works for you!

  3. Oh dear!! I hope you are feeling better. Those permanent marker antics are pretty comical (although I'm sure you don't feel that way at the moment!) I'm sorry that I have no suggestions to offer on how to remove permanent marker. But the blue marker certainly does match the blue of your son's eyes! Thankfully, my kids are pretty good about drawing on paper (I keep plenty around and easily accessible), but they do still love to put stickers on everything. Good luck with the clean-up and hope you feel better soon!

  4. OH NO!! The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser has been tough on some bad stains... but I've never had to try it on permanent marker!
    My daughter gets into "this sort" of trouble all the time... it's never good when she's being "too quiet!"
    Good luck, and I hope you're feeling better soon!

  5. Oh Amanda! That is a rough Monday. I have zero advice on how to get marker off those things, but I really hope someone else has some good tips. How frustrating, and to not feel well on top of it is just not fair.

    I recommend an immediate removal of all writing instruments. Boo!

    hope things turn around fast!

  6. I used to work in banqueting and this is what we used to do when guests mistakenly used permanent marker on the whiteboards - you go over the permanent marker stain with a dry erase marker....and then it should wipe off with a tissue or cloth. It almost always worked for us but then we didn't have these many to deal with in one go!!!! You might want to try a small area on the kitchen cabinet first and see how you get on! Good luck :)

  7. Oh my heavens! I don't miss those days at all. Although, my son never did make a marker mess that big. Hang in there, Mom.

    I would maybe try the Magic Eraser. Test it in an inconspicuous spot first just to make sure it doesn't ruin the wood.

  8. HI that's not to good i could send u some of the stuff if you don't have anything there like Mr Clean eraser or bug spray try to keep yr chin up new day tomorrow

  9. I would try hairspray. Not sure if that works or not but it does for pen ink so worth a try. Not sure if I was clean off his awesome go-tee though haha! just kidding! Maybe write Crayola & request some color wonder stuff!! You could write a review on it! (those markers that only work on the special paper)

  10. What a bummer!!! My 2 year old loves to color.. Permanent markers are his favorite.. The Mr clean magic eraser should work on the walls, tables and dresser.. Try using rubbing alcohol for the rest.. On the tv do a test spot first just to be extra careful. also the alcohol tends to take off finish and sometimes the paint.. Hope that helps..

  11. I'm sorry to laugh, but how funny! Last winter my 2 year old granddaughter decided to write all over my piano keys with pink permanent marker. I should of known she was up to something when she kept asking me (while I was in the kitchen) what song I wanted to hear next! Magic Eraser took it off the piano keys, maybe it will help for you.

    I hope you're feeling better.

  12. I'm a bit late to this conversation but wanted to let you know what I have found as my little one does the same thing.

    Though I still haven't found a good solution to furniture, walls, etc. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser does get a good bit of it off.

    The absolute best thing for skin is rubbing alcohol, a wash rag and some patience. My sweet child took a sharpie to her body including her lips and then revealed herself when we had less than 5 minutes to head out of the house. Rubbing alcohol was a miracle worker. Her only complaint was that it was cold.


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