Mini Mum Organiser

Does anyone else have trouble keeping on top of everything, despite the best of intentions?!

I really do want a tidy, organised home, and to be able to remember those messages and notes I write down and then find a month later, I just haven't found a system that works for me!

So, out came some of my scrap booking stash and I came up with this, a chipboard mini organiser!

To make your own you need the following

mini chipboard album
scrapbook paper
printer & laminator

How to
1) For the front cover I stuck down some paper and trimmed off the excess. Using my Big shot die cutter I cut out a topper and used sticky pads to secure it in place. On to the topper I used sticker letters to add a label and finished it off with a few chipboard embellishments.

2) The first page holds my cleaning lists. I made up 3 lists, daily, weekly and monthly. Once printed out I trimmed them to size and laminated each list.
I covered the chipboard page in more scrapbook paper and used sticky letters to add a label.
To keep the 3 cleaning lists secure yet removable I used hot glue to adhere a paperclip to the page, this ensures the lists stay secure yet easily switchable when needed.

3) The second page I made was a 'Remember' page for all those little things I either need to tell hubby, do later or just don't want to forget!
I covered the chipboard in scrapbook paper, and laminated a spotty piece of paper, I then trimmed this down into post it noteish size pieces. I used more hot glue and a paperclip to again ensure they stay securely in place but removable when necessary.

4) The last page I made up was a 'Call Me' page, I'm terrible at remembering phone numbers I'm also very good at losing my phone so returning phone calls is easier said than done!
I again covered the page in scrapbook paper and used sticky letters to label it.
Using my computer I printed a list of names of the people I'm most likely to call, I also printed a blank page for additional names and numbers.
Once printed I laminated both pages and trimmed down to size, I left the phone numbers blank, to be written in pen as the numbers could change but the names are unlikely too!
I used more hot glue and a paperclip to keep them in place but easily removable when I need a number.

There are 2 additional pages, which I have covered in paper but not yet used.

Once all the pages were complete I placed them in order and used the rings to secure everything together.
I then tied a few pieces of ribbon around the rings.

I've placed the organiser on a shelf next to the sink, which now I've broken the dishwasher I will be spend more time at, so hopefully I wont miss what I need to do, will have all important phone numbers close at hand and have all those things I need to remember in one place!

Even if it doesn't work, at least it looks pretty!

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  1. I so need to do something like this! Its hard to keep track of everything that needs to be done. I found you through Ginger Snap Crafts.

  2. It's great to be THAT organized! And they're cute to boot! Thank you for linking to Wicked Awesome Wednesday.

  3. Pretty and functional...that is my kind of project!

  4. I love your project but the idea of using it to be pretty is where I'm at rather than actually following it...I think I'll have to add this to my list of things to make...makes me smile and also think how maybe I need to step it up on cleaning the home..or


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