When did my babies turn in to boys?!

I always thought Ethan was the one who would charm the girls, being in hospital so much he seems to have developed a real confidence about him, and not just with the nurses!

But, today Ahren was just UNBELIEVEABLE, we had to take Ethan back up to hospital in London for an eye appointment, whilst waiting for the consultant the boys were playing in the play area with a bunch of toys.

A girl no older than 4, with cute bunches comes walking over to the play area, Ahren sees her, makes a bee line towards her and says

‘Hey baby, are you okay?’

It gets better.

As she is leaving the eye department, Ahren runs after her calling out

‘Wait for me’

Sadly, she walks out the double doors with her mummy, leaving Ahren, nose pressed against the glass watching as she disappears into the lift.

As I took his hand and led him back to daddy, I told him

‘You’ll see her again if it’s meant to be’

Hubby is almost peeing himself laughing, Ahren runs off to play with some cars, having already forgotten about ‘bunches’!

Surely my babies are too young for this kinda thing!! I'm just realising my babies aren't really babies any more and one day will be all grown up, I need to sob in to a coffee with a packet of choc chip cookies to comfort me.

Stupid as it sounds, its taken me a while to work out that having a baby, also meant that one day you would have a teenager and so on, eeek, none of the parent to be books covered this, why am I only finding this out now???!!

Ethan’s appointment went kinda well, they can’t decide one way or another if the high pressure behind his eyes has had a negative effect as he can’t do all their tests, grrrr, why make us spend 9 hours on a trip to tell us bugger all I don’t know, so its back we go in a year’s time!


  1. Amanda, I love your stories!! How cute! Thank you for giving my an awwww moment!!

  2. Cheeky little blighter! My daughter is now 10 and is becoming "very pre-teen" - more challenging and even more argumentative. Ho hum... that's life I suppose.

    I know exactly what you mean about the to-ing and fro-ing to the hospital. Can be very frustrating. xx


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