Window Frame Refashion, DIY

The more I saw of those repurposed window frames, the more I wanted one.
Having browsed the local charity/ thrift stores for some time I knew I wasn’t going to be picking up a window frame anytime soon, which left me with 1 option, make my own!

Whilst I doubt I have a career in window frame making, I’m beyond impressed with how this turned out. Other than my boys, this is my most favourite thing I have made!

If you fancy having ago at making your own window frame here’s how I did it.

Everything I used I had to hand, not a penny was spent, woohoo!

The cross bit in the middle, sorry don’t know what it’s called, is actually a spare part from the boys tree house.

The frame part is made from the wooden supports which made up part of the packaging from our new cooker, using a mitre saw I cut the wood to size, the horizontal pieces I cut at 57cm and the vertical pieces at 53cm.

I laid the pieces out and used some wood glue to attach the pieces together I then got a little ‘staple happy’ with my trusty staple gun.

Using short lengths of cotton twill tape, I stretched the pieces over each joint section. I used the staple gun to secure the tape which attached the frame pieces without the need for nails; I wasn’t sure how the wood would survive nails!

I whacked in a couple of extra staples, not just because I love the ‘pop’ of the staple gun, here and there.

Once I was happy with the structure of the frame I gave the whole thing a coat of paint.

Once this was dry I used my palm sander to sand it down.
I almost left it like this!

I then applied some Folk Art Stains Oak, I have to say the idea of paying for something which I have to apply then wipe off seams wrong, but this stuff actually worked great! I love how it seeped into the sanded areas and has highlighted the grain in the wood.

Once it was all dry I flipped it over and used my trusty staple gun once again to attach the cross bit to the actual frame!

I knew I didn’t want to use glass, too dangerous with my darling terrors, so I found my stash of acetate sheets; I have a couple with various patterns on and chose two to put in opposite sections of the window. 

One with pink swirly things, which remind me of flowers, this I put in the bottom right corner and in the top left corner I used a sheet which had some green swirly bits going for the grassy tree look here!

In the other two sections I used clear sheets, all 4 are attached using the staple gun and trimmed where necessary.

Using 4 dinky pegs, hot glue, bakers twine and some triangles cut out of card I made some bunting which I strung across the top right panel. To give the flags a bit of ‘oomph’ I used sticky pads to give the fronts and back together.

I wanted to incorporate some of my favourite song lyrics, these are the ones I find inspirational and make me smile,
 ‘Don’t Worry be Happy’
‘Singin’ in the Rain’

I’m going to add to them and change them over every few days, at the moment I have just tucked them in the side of the frame, not too sure how to attach them in a non permanent way!

So here is my 'refashioned window frame' just goes to show if you can't find something, try making your own!



  1. Great idea, and it turned out wonderful! Isn't that what crafting is all about? If you like it, make it... visiting from Serenity now's blog party.

  2. Great idea! I often find myself making cool things when I cannot find them. You did an awesome job!

  3. Love that look! And I love your embellishments! Coming over from SNS and your newest follower.


  4. I would be proud of this beauty too! You are so talented, and creative :) This turned out great, and I am so impressed you spent 0 dollars! Thanks for linking up with us today! We appreciate it and love it when you share your stuff with us :) See you again soon ;)

  5. Love how this turned out!! I need me a window asap! :)

    Thanks for sharing and linking up :)

  6. You did an awesome job and it looks great!!! Great idea and thanks for sharing :))

  7. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has trouble finding things in thrift stores! I always read about crafts or projects that use things that are supposed to be readily available at thrift stores, but apparently I'm going to the wrong ones!

    This is such a cute idea. :) Love love LOVE the bunting!

  8. Very clever. I have a vintage window that I repurposed if you would like to see,

  9. nice job... i like the mini banner you used.

  10. Great idea!! It turned out lovely. I haven't ever seen an old window at a thrift store, either. I picked up mine off the side of the road... LOL.

  11. Such a sweet project! Thank you for linking to Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  12. This is adorable! Love the little banner that you put with it!

    I would love to have you share this at my link party, Show & Share--

  13. great idea to make your own window!
    very creative,

  14. wow! and you made this from scratch! so creative! thanks for sharing this with us. we hope to see you at the party this week. have a lovely weekend!



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