Bakers Twine, Wooden Spools, Slippers and Sky!!!

Well this is a post of randomness!

This morning I had one of those random thoughts
“How have I gone from the gal who would wash her ‘delicates’ by hand to the knackered mother of two who washes her slippers by hand”

Yep, I actually looked at the label and it said not to machine wash, so I did it by hand, a few years ago I’d have just thrown them away!

Anyway, moving on, I’m a sucker for bakers twine, the colours and simplicity of it are wonderful, as are its many uses to make something just that little bit sweeter! But I’ve got myself all in a tangle when I use then, mine came wrapped in these paper strips,

 which don’t work so well once you actually need to start using the twine!

You end up with this knotty ball of mess!

So I decided that, once unwrapped I would wrap the remaining twine around a dolly peg, these are stored in a cute box ready for their next project.

But, I’ve realised that with much of my craft stash being stored in boxes I’m actually forgetting  what I have!

 Which is not good, neither for my crafting or my purse, I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve either bought or been about to purchase something I already have!

I knew I didn’t want all the dolly pegs out, I don’t have a whole craft room so space is tight, but I did want a visual reminder of the colours I have, so raiding my stash of odds and sods, I found a bunch of mini wooden spools.

These are lovely just as they are, but can you imagine how sweet they would look with a little bakers twine!

I spread a little craft glue around the spool, and then wrapped a piece of twine around the spool.

Once the spool had a layer of twine,

 I snipped the end and easy as that I had a pretty little reminder of my bakers twine.

I did the same with each colour of bakers twine, until each colour had its own spool.

I wrapped the remaining bakers twine around some more dolly pegs, and then placed these back in the box.

The mini spools now sit on top of my mini button stash, out the way, yet still a visible reminder as to which colours I have!

Speaking of colours, I snapped a quick photo of the sky as I was bringing in the laundry, isn’t it pretty!?

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  1. Cute! I want some! The spools, the twine, everything ;)

  2. I love baker's twine! It looks great and super organized the way you stored/displayed it.

  3. Amanda, you're back! Hoorah! I know I've said this countless of times, but you are a genius. Love this idea. Love it I tell you!

  4. Genius idea! I love baker's twine too.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Hi Amanda,

    I absolutely love your idea for storing baker's twine. I recently discovered it and can't wait to try this.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I just added myself as a follower to yours and am looking forward to more great ideas!


  6. How pretty you arranged your baker's twine...nice job!

  7. I love those neat and tidy spools! They look so much better now! Crafty and pretty! What a great idea! X

  8. Just last night I was crafting and wondering if Bakers twine came in blue. Lovely way to keep it from getting tangled!

  9. Love the colors! And I love the shelves with the backgrounds.

  10. Hi Amanda-

    I love Bakers Twine and I love how you used clothespins to keep it organized. I like your word better - dolly pegs - I have never heard them called that before, but it is a more fitting term :)

    My best- Diane

  11. That is a really good idea!! Now you won't get a color you don't need or forget one you do! Thanks for sharing on Fancy This Fridays!!!

  12. Just purchased my first spool of bakers twine in the most beautiful blue. You are so right, it's much prettier once wrapped around a spool... and your display idea is wonderful.

    Thanks for linking up to Refresh Your Nest Friday!

  13. amanda, your spools look so darn cute!


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