My Sewing Machine Hates Me! Please Help!

I've tried everything I can think of to sort out my sewing machine, so I'm hoping one you talented super sewers could maybe help me!

It was working fine until I somehow 'broke' the bobbin case, the needle had a 90 degrees angle in it so I'm assuming the two are somehow related.

Anyhow, I ordered a new bobbin case, removed the broken one, including the little bit that had broken off, I also removed a not so insignificant ball of fluff and lint.

I put the new bobbin case in, using the instruction manual to guide me.

I threaded the machine, top and bottom, set the tension and my stitch selection to their normal positions and then I get this....

1)The top thread is bunching up underneath the fabric

      1. The top thread is winding around and back over the bobbin case

      1. The fabric is being forced into the hole where the needle goes down
I've looked at the trouble shooting guide in the instruction manual, and I've been to the Singer website and followed the advice there.

I've tried new thread, put in a new needle, re threaded the machine (top and bottom), used different fabric, adjusted the tension, I've even threaten it with a screw driver and knowing what happened to the dishwasher I was sure this would work!

But nope, nothing is working.

Does anyone have any suggestions, I'm totally stuck as to what to do now!


  1. I really feel for you, hate it when the thread does this!!

    I can't really suggest anything else, I think you have tried everything, new needle, etc what about your thread is it good quality, that could be your trouble if you have changed your tension already.

    Good luck, hope you sort it soon.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. Whenever this happens to me, it's usually because there is a small piece of thread stuck somewhere in the bobbin case. You've done everything else I would: change tension; re-thread; change needle; change bobbin; rewind a new bobbin; next thing I would do is "google" the issue -- I sometimes wonder how I ever got along in life before Google!

  3. Have you blasted the inside of your machine with an air canister? Even though you got some stuff out there might be more in there. I would also try a completely different thread just incase its that and use a different bobbin from the one you were using when it broke just incase its perhaps got a minor crack or dent in it that you cant really see. Hope you get it sorted. x


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