My Sewing Machine ~ An Update

Ho hum, seems my sewing machine issues were just ever so slighty, smidgingly perhaps, kinda in a round about way my fault.

Apparantly, when you buy something, and it comes with an instruction manual, you should read it, all of it, perhaps a few times, and then read it again, just to make sure you got it.

Who knew!? I mean really, I dont remember ever being taught this in school.

Well, anyway, after a week of going through everything, buying a new bobbin case, looking at you tube videos, 'reading the manual', getting advice from some of you lovely ladies, going through about 500 yards of cotton thread, a bin load of fabric I finally passed it over to hubby to have a look at.

Whilst I was looking for new sewing machine, hubby was patiently going through the manual, mixing the old and new bobbin case together, threading the machine and generally faffing about, or so I thought.

The jammy mare, only went and blinking well fixed it!

Apparantly, according to hubby and the instruction manual, I haven't been threading the machine properly!


I've been missing one of the do dats that the top thread goes through, but more importantly I have been miss threading the bottom thread, after I put the bobbin in I was just hanging the thread over the back of the machine and putting the plate thingy back on.

I've been missing the whole looping the two threads together thing so that the bottom thread comes up with the top thread!!!

Opps, my bad!

{So, lessons learnt this week}
    READ instruction manual
    Thread sewing machine properly
    Oil the machine (hadn't done that either)
    And if all else fails, pass it over to the hubby to fix!
Thanks hubby, you are an absolute super star!


  1. Read the instruction manual - what fun is that! I do stuff like this all the time...glad it is all figured out!

  2. At least it's fixed - yay.
    I'm pretty sure the method we are taught is try, faff, try, faff some more, quickly flip through the manual, faff, faff even more, try, huff n' puff, faff then think about actually reading the manual as a last resort - at tleast that how it works in our house ;)

  3. Thank goodness for those husbands sometimes huh?

    Glad your machine is fixed!!!

  4. I wish I had a sewing machine to putz around with! The one I left in the USA was a hand me down from my mother, so I never had a manual. I'm pretty sure I never threaded it or the bobbin right as evidenced by all the trouble I had with it!


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