Scrapbook Paper Bunting

Having spent the past weekend tearing up carpet, laying new flooring and painting the craft / playroom I needed to do something a little less stressful.

I decided some bunting would be a nice addition to the newly painted room, as its a dual purpose room I didn't want anything either too toddlerish or too mummyish, and decided this would be nice compromise, I was about to sort through my fabric stash, when I remembered my scrapbook paper stash.

I have a ridiculous amount of paper which I’m just not using, so I decided to make the bunting out of this instead.

I selected a few pages and using a template cut out 3 flags from each 12x12 page.

I knew I wanted to add a few words to the bunting,


I used scraps of paper to cut out the letters.

And attached them using sticky foam pads.

Once I was finished I strung the flags on to some bakers twine,  using a hole punch to make 2 holes in each flag, I placed two words to one piece of twine.

I then attached the bunting to some pins in the wall.


  1. It looks great!! What a great idea to use scrapbook paper.

  2. I made some paper bunting some time ago and it was the easiest, quickest project ever. Love the addition of letters on yours and yes, it does look marvellous against the blue wall. xx

  3. I just adore bunting. You did a wonderful job. I really love it. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. So cute! Not too cute for Mommy, or too sophisticated for baby! Love the colors you chose. Thank you for linking to Wicked Awesome Wednesday.


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