When the heck did I start gowing up??

How is it, that in the blink of an eye I've gone from a 13 year old girl, staring in the mirror wondering which eyebrow hair to pluck without making me look like an idiot to a 31 year old woman staring in the mirror wondering how many gray hairs I can pluck out before I go totally bald.

I used to be the girl rolling her skirt to just above the knee, getting told off by the nuns, to the woman that wants to march girls home to their mothers and demand why on earth they allow their children out in such revealing clothes.

I was the girl who would dye her hair different shades of purple staining the bath tub, to the woman who looks for a shade which wont be noticeable.

I'm the girl who religiously spent Friday nights at the Peel Metal Nights, now I'm the woman who looks forward to an episode of NCIS / Trublood, some sewing and an early night.

I'm the girl who would work a 9 hour shift then hit the pubs and clubs for 9 hours, roll in at 2 am and be back in the office bright eyed and bushy tailed by 7:30am. Now I get to 10am and feel ready to drop in exhaustion.

I've gone from hiding everything under the bed in an attempt to tidy my bedroom to finding complete satisfaction from a whole day doing house work, even though I know it will be a mess again soon.

I'm the girl who never wanted children to mother who can't imagine life without them.

I'm the girl who got excited when I had an excuse to wear clicky clack heals, now I shudder at the thought of anything other than my Converse trainers.

How on earth did I 'grow up' and not notice, don't get me wrong I can still totally act like a goof, I can laugh at nothing until no sound comes out and tears are streaming down my face, I do a silly happy dance when I see something I like, I can get feisty and protective when need be, I still consider Lucky Charms a healthy nutritious meal and if it snows, oh my goshness, I will walk for miles to find some fresh white untrodden snow just to hear that crunch as my foot presses into it.

In the blink of an eye I've gone from believing that babies came from our belly buttons (and needed to be fed bubble bath through the belly button until the stoke brought baby home!!!) to having children of my own, I'm just realising how quickly my boys will grow up and be adults themselves, which means I have to make the most of every minute and not get too mad at all the stoopid things they do.


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I'm 42; how on earth did that happen? I was telling my fifteen year old (my youngest child is a toddler still) that I could SO remember being her age and I just couldn't understand how I got to being the age I am now.

    Life is so fab but time flies by way to fast for my liking.

  2. I know the feeling. I'm 30 (and I also went through a many-colored hair phase!) and I think in my head, I still feel like I'm 18 even though SO much has changed since then.

    Oh, and I love my Converse shoes too. I guess you know you've grown up when practicality trumps all other considerations. :)

  3. Yup, I can identify with everything you've said. But hang on a minute, you're a mere 31????!! You spring chicken you!

    Btw, loved seeing your bits and bobs in the previous post.


  4. Haha, I've been wondering this about myself just recently:) Thanks for posting!! I'm a new follower from the Organize party:)

  5. Such a true post. I too went from being that little girl to a mom of 2 kids. I can't believe how fast I've grown and even more, how fast my 12 year old daughter has grown.


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