Conquering Purse Frames & How to get a Flat Bottom!

The other week I showed you the purse I made, I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just some fluke and I actually could do it! You see, I’d been trying for a few months to make a purse using a purse frame, but every time something went wrong, either the fabric wouldn’t fit the frame, it was totally wonky or just didn’t look right, a few times I didn’t even get past the pattern.

But, by jove I did it! And if you have a pesky purse frame you want to turn into an actual purse here is what you need
{Purse frame
Outer fabric
Lining fabric
Paper & pencil
Sewing machine
Sewing odds & sods}

First up, you need to place the purse frame on the paper, and with your pencil draw around the frame, you want to go about ¼ inch outside the frame.
Make sure you mark both hinges.

You can then draw your purse shape; I went for a bog standard regular purse frame shape, once you are happy with the shape, cut it out. If you like you could just draw around half the frame, again ensuring you mark the hinge.

Place the template on to your fabric, trace around it and cut out. If using half a template, place on fold, trace around and cut, once unfolded you will have the whole piece.
Repeat the process until you have 2 lining pieces and 2 outer pieces of fabric.

To provide the outer fabric some strength / stability adhere some fusible interfacing, follow manufactures instructions, as you don’t want to mess up your iron!!
When placing the interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric, make sure you remove any stray threads, I’ve missed some before and the can show up!

Place your outer fabric right sides together, pin, and sew from one hinge marking to the other hinge marking, make sure to back stitch at either end to secure your stitches. Clip away any excess fabric and snip up to but not into the stitches. Repeat for lining fabric.

If you want to add any embellishment to the purse, now is the time, I added some buttons to the front of the outer fabric.

You now need to place the lining inside the outer fabric pocket, wrong sides facing, keep prodding and poking until you have the raw edges matching, a little either side isn’t too much of an issue, pin together, and sew, clip away any excess fabric.

Now this is the trickiest part, as you can see by the fact I glued my fingers together!!

Working on one side of the purse frame only, squeeze some glue all the way round inside the frame, try not to get the glue on the outside of the frame. Once you have the glue in, carefully insert the fabric, making sure you line up the hinges with the fabric; I found it easiest to start at one hinge and slide the fabric round the purse frame to the other hinge.
Once the fabric is in, place on a flat surface and leave it to dry, I gave it about an hour just to be safe.

Then repeat the process for the other side.

Once it’s all dry you are left with a cute coin purse, lovely!

You know I can never just make one of something, wonder if its because I had twins ha! Anyhoo, how about a flat bottomed purse, if you can do a regular purse, you can do this no problem!

You need to follow the above directions up until you have sewn both the lining pieces together and the outer pieces together. Before you insert the lining into the pocket of outer fabric, line up the side and bottom seams, use a ruler to measure and mark half an inch, sew across this line and clip away the excess fabric. See here for more details on getting a flat bottom!

Repeat this process for all corners on lining and outer fabric. Insert the lining fabric into the outer fabric pocket, wrong sides facing and lining up the corners, pin together and sew the lining and outer fabric together.

Now you just need to follow the steps to glue the fabric to the frame, and now you have a sweet little flat bottomed purse!

Just sayin':
  • Try not to get glue on the fabric, if you do, wipe away soon as!
  • If you get glue on the frame, don’t stress, either wipe away if you can or leave it dry and scrap off gently, with either a nail or a craft knife.

  • If you do glue your fingers together, get hubby to tell you what a silly arse you are and let him sort you out, this kinda thing happens more often than you’d think with me!


  1. How wonderful that you persisted and kept trying until you mastered it. And you did master it. Your purses look wonderful. Good on you for Getting it Done!

  2. They look awesome! Great job! Thanks for linking up with us and sharing your awesomeness with us all!

  3. What a terrific tutorial. My late mom always used these frames as she created a lot of purses but I never did know how. Thanks for sharing. I have joined your followers list as well as Pinterest, and invite you to join my followers list; as well,I hope you will grab a blog button. Hugs, Gayle

  4. I remember my mom having little purses like these. Wish i was a sewer and can make pretty ones like yours.

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