Door Hanging Decor

I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds doors kinda boring in a somewhat useful way!

Sure, you can buy plain doors/ fancy / glass or folding doors, but a house has a lot of doors, and that can add up to a pretty penny in replacing them all.

As a cheaper alternative you could add a bit of décor to the door! As I type this, I’ve just had a thought, decoupage doors! Don’t be surprised to see one here soon, just need to convince hubby it’s the right thing to do!!

Anyways back to what I was on about, cheap, temporary and easy door décor.

I made this for our bedroom door, so naturally I went with ‘sleep’.

If you want to make one of these you will need the following

{5 squares, 4x4 inches out of plain fabric
5 squares, 4x4 inches out of patterned fabric
Letters cut from contrasting fabric
Fabric glue
Toy stuffing
Sewing machine}

Using the fabric glue I glued a letter to the centre of each plain fabric square.

Once the glue was dry I then pinned a plain piece and a patterned piece of fabric together, right sides facing.

This is where it got a little hinky, I didn’t plan anything, just winged it as I went along!

Fold an 8cm piece of ribbon in half, place between the two pieces of fabric, pin in place.

Sew along all 4 edges, leaving a gap in the centre of the bottom edge.

Once sewn, clip corners, and trim excess fabric, {do not} trim excess fabric along the un-sewn gap. Turn right side out, using a pokey thing to get the corners nice and neat.

Use the opening to insert the toy stuffing.

Once sufficiently full, fold over the edges, inwards, insert one end of a piece of ribbon, pin in place and sew.

Take the next pillow, in my case the {L}, leaving gaps along the top and bottom edge where indicated, sew the two pieces together.

(I know it should be sewn and not sewed, lack of sleep!)

Once sewn clip corners and remove excess fabric, turn right side out, using the pokey thing on the corners, fold the excess fabric into the gaps and press.

Insert the ribbon from the bottom of {S} into the gap along the top edge of {L}, pin in place and sew.

You now have the first two ‘pillows’ attached. 

Use the gap to fill with toy stuffing, insert a 4 cm piece of ribbon, pin in place and sew closed.

You will need to follow the same process to sew, attach and stuff the next two pillows {E & E}.

Once you are ready to attach the final pillow {P}, sew along all four edges, this time only leaving a gap in the centre of the top edge. Clip corners and trim excess fabric, do not remove fabric from the un-sewn section, turn right side out, use pokey thing on the corners, fold excess fabric inside the pillow and press.

{It was around this point that Ethan came and poked me in the eye, he almost pushed my contact lens to the back of my head, I gave up taking photos at this point, but I think its pretty straight forward as to what to do, any questions please ask}

Stuff with toy stuffing, once full, insert the ribbon from the bottom of the {E} in to the gap along the top edge of {P}, pin in place and sew.

Trim off any stray threads, and hang from door handle, or anywhere else you fancy!


  1. That's so cute! I love the combination of plain and patterned fabric. Thanks for the tutorial!
    Now following you (I want to see if your doors get decoupaged!)

  2. Cute idea. Very simple too. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I like this much better than the cookie cutter versions in the stores. Thank you for linking to Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  4. that's so darling! what patience to sew them all!

  5. Mine would say "No Sleep". My poor daughter is up every hour! Thanks for linking up to Refresh Your Nest Friday.

    PS- be sure to stop back to see if you were featured this week. {hint, hint...}


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