Saying Buh Bye to Naptimes

I’m pretty sure it’s Wednesday, but as we’ve been woken up at 3am for the past few nights I’m so far beyond tired I’m…… well I’m not sure. I do know it took me at least 5 pints of coffee to even open one eye.

Do you want to know the ‘oh so important reason’ we have been woken up for, Mickey blinking Mouse!! Ahren wakes up crying and calling out for Mickey Mouse, ‘Mickey, Mickey, where’s Mickey Mouse? Daddy, daddy where are you?......’, and so it goes on, for at least an hour. There is this odd little time frame during sleep, when I just shouldn’t be woken up, anytime before 2am is fine as I haven’t really fallen into a deep sleep. Any time after 5am, cool, early mornings aren’t too bad especially if it’s a beautiful morning.
But wake me up between 2 and 5 and oh my goshness, what the bejinkos are you doing to me!!!

I remember the not so distant days where I could go out for an all nighter drinking and dancing the night away, then skip into the office the following morning do all my work, attend meetings  and skip over to the next party bright eyed and bushy tailed. Now, a few interrupted nights and I can’t differentiate between grown up clothes and pjs, I put the kettle in the fridge, I actually tried to vacuum the bath tub, and I put dirty nappies in the nappy basket and the package of wipes in the bin.

With the boys no longer napping during the day, I'm in a kind of sleep deprived daze, I actually shed a tear over this, not just because it’s another reminder that my boys are growing up and are no longer the tiny babies so reliant on me for everything, but because I never realised just how important that hour or so a day to myself was.

On the other hand, spending extra time with my boys is awesome; they are ridiculously funny, sweet and kind, gentle yet headstrong. Sometimes it’s lovely just to forget about the stresses and worries of everyday, and spend 10 minutes spinning just because you can, or hiding under a blanket giggling, watching a Disney movie and recapturing the magic, hopping and screaming, colouring in a picture and not worrying about going outside the lines, there are so many things I just wouldn’t get to do if not for these boys, so I guess losing an hour isn’t that much of a hardship.

Farewell, naptime ol' pal, it was fun whilst it lasted!


  1. Yup. Exhaustion seems to be the name of the game, huh? I'm right there with you. Both of my boys gave up naps when they were fresh two year olds and, while it's so much fun to be with them, it's also so much fun to be left alone for a bit! :)

    Hope you get a good night's sleep tonight.

  2. I have not slept well in a while. Wish I could say it was because of blinking Mickey.

  3. Oh, the memories... my two girls (now 21 and 18)never napped more than 15 minutes at a stretch until they started crawling! And I had to stop my youngest's naps when she was about 2 1/2 years old because she'd be up until the wee hours if she napped. It was worth the afternoon cranky time to be able to sleep at night!
    Enjoy your little ones- they turn into teenagers way too fast!

  4. Kids equal exhaustion! I have a 15 month old & the one thing I miss the most is my SLEEP. I'm like you, I just don't function well without it. I have no idea what happened to the "party gal" I used to be but she is forever gone. I suppose I've reached the doorway of old age LOL.

    Hope you get some much needed rest very soon friend!

  5. Oh, my! you poor thing! Jamie napped right up until going into first grade.
    What I remember about young ones is they go through stages, one after another. This could just be one of those stages. (I hope)
    good luck!


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