Thomas Tote and Snot!

Tote bags baby! You just gotta love um!

Ruffles, pleats, darts, oil cloth, linen, cotton, big, small, patterned, plain, everyday, seasonal…..the possibilities are endless, much like the ability of young boys to produce snot! I mean really, where does it all come from and what is it for, other than being used to decorate my shoulders?

Anyhoo, I’m digressing, tote bags! I know they aren’t the most manly of things but I’m hoping my boys will appreciate being able to carry all the necessary cars, trains, a book, a juice cup and snack, from room to room without dropping each and every item along the way, so I made a Thomas and Friends Tote bag, Ethan is nuts over Thomas and trains, so I got this fabric, not the prettiest, but it’s okay, now I just need some pirate fabric for Ahrens bag.

Want to make a tote bag; this is what you need;
{ 2 x 11” x 13” pieces of outer fabric
2 x 11” x 13” pieces of lining fabric
4 x 3” x 14” strips of fabric for handles
Sewing machine & accessories}

I went for the same outer and lining fabric, Ethan loves the stuff that much!
Cut and press your fabric.

Lay 2 pieces of handle fabric, right sides facing, together, then pin together and sew along both long edges.

Repeat for the other 2 handle pieces. Turn both pieces right side out and press.

Lay a piece of lining fabric, right side up.  Arrange a handle piece with the ends equidistant from either side, pin in place and sew.

Repeat for other lining piece and handle.

Place an outer piece of fabric over a lining piece, right sides together, ensure the handle is between the two pieces of fabric. Pin and sew along the top edge.

Repeat for other pieces.

Lay one piece right side up, place the other piece on top, right side down, ensuring that you have the lining fabric and outer fabric pieces facing each other.

Sew around the entire thing; leaving a 3 inch gap along the bottom of the lining, this is for turning it right side out.

You could either turn the bag right side out and stitch closed the gap in the lining or you could give the bag a flat bottom!

For a flat bottom, prior to turning the bag right side out, line up the seams from the bottom of the outer fabric and the side of the outer fabric, press together so they form a triangle.
Measure 2 inches from the tip of the triangle and draw a line across, sew along this line, snip the excess fabric away, repeat for all 4 corners.

Turn bag right side out through the gap in the lining.

Stitch the gap in the lining closed, present tote to a Thomas loving little boy and watch his cute little face light up!


  1. Super-cute, Amanda! I think little boys definitely like to be able to carry their stuff. My grandson, now age 10, still has and uses one I made for him for all his legos. I made a huge circle with a drawstring, so he can keep all the legos right on the tote circle.

    Thanks for visiting my blog this morning & your nice comments!
    :) CAS

  2. My son, Max, would LOVE this - he's a total Thomas fanatic. I'm sad to admit that he often wears his Thomas pjs in public (the shirt part) because I can't get it off of him. I SOOOO need to learn to 1 yr old and 2 yr old keep me pretty busy right now. Just curious - is Ahren pronouced "Erin"? (I'm an Erin). Thanks for sharing this great project - maybe I can try a duct-tape-no-sew version :)

  3. You did such a good job, I love it. Please come and link up to my Crafty Lassie Tuseday link party going on right now.
    Thanks Rose and Heather

  4. You make me giggle! Love your title and I totally get the snot thing.. my guys are a bit bigger but there is no shortage here!
    Love the little bag and thanks for the tutorial for us sewing challenged!
    Love when you share with the Pink Hippo party.. hope you stop by and enter to win some fun stuff at my giveaways @

  5. when i get my sewing machine for Christmas, i have to try this! and i wanted to let you know that it's going to be featured on my party on tuesday! stop over and grab a button.

  6. Adorable! My nephew is OBSESSED with Thomas the Train. I made him a little train roll-up that holds 6 trains two years ago but his collection far exceeds that now! Might have to move on to about 5 of your cool tote bags! Thanks so much for sharing with air your laundry Friday.


  7. We have a budding Thomas fan in our house. He'd go crazy for that fun tote to carry around his trains and train books. Thanks for linking up to Refresh Your Nest Friday!


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