Weekend Sewing and Stuff

Hello lovelies,

Seems I’ve got myself permanently attached to my sewing machine! Just look at this crop of tote bags I've knocked out over the past few days!

I made a couple to pop some Christmas gifts inside for nieces and nephews, I still need to make some more!

This blue one is staying with me, love the colours in the fabric, its not too big, sometimes I just want to throw my purse, keys and phone in a bag, this is the perfect size.

I got so frustrated with turning the fabric handles right side out that I decided to use some woodeny bamboo type handles, I call this ‘George’, don’t you think giraffes just look as though they should be called George? Or, maybe it’s all a subliminal type thing from watch ‘Curious George’ and the man in the yellow hat!!

I was thinking of putting up a simple pimple tutorial, hopefully tomorrow, and I’m working on some type of boxy nappy / wipes pouch, am I the only one who can’t be bothered taking out the entire nappy bag!? Honestly, the bigger the bag the more unnecessary things I ‘just have to’ bring with me.

Gah, it’s been a crazy weekend!

We started it out by locking ourselves out the house! This isn't as uncommon as you would think for me, I'm shockingly good at locking myself out, hubby had to borrow a ladder from next door and climb over roofs and through a window, my hero!! hehehe, he's making a habit of this lately, a lady down the road somehow locked herself out whilst her toddler was still indoors, eeekkk, hubby came to the rescue by jumping a fency, climbing up a wall and through a window to get the kid and let the mummy back in the house, he's a real life super hero!

I have been looking forward to autumn like you wouldn’t believe; one of the side effects from my meds is hot flushes, which last 24 hours a day! As much as I love the positive effects of my meds, the sides effects are horrendous (small price to pay, I know)! I’m the gal who went for walks in the snow in a skirt, vest and flip flops combo, ahhhh it was divinely deliciously cold! So I’m bummed that the supposed cold front has failed to appear.

We had a low tide and made the most of a calm warm sea.

The boys loved splashing about and much to our amazement walked out until they were chin deep. This was so surprising as normally they scream blue murder in the bathtub, such a fun afternoon.

Ahren is all about hearts lately, he found a wooden heart from my craft stash, he showed it to me and asked ‘what’s this?’ I replied ‘A heart’, before I could say anything else, he replied with ‘For Valentine’s Day!’ aaaahhhhh, what a cutie patootie.

He then went a broke this plate, total accident. Hubby asked him what happened, Ahren held up the broken pieces and just said ‘A broken heart’, ahhhh, how sad is that?

Ethan is a cheeky chappie, nannie and duppa brought them a Peppa Pig bus and figures thing, he now calls me mummy piggy, hmmmm! Oh, and if he does a bottom burp he points to anyone else but himself, typical bloke!

The cheeky chappies are both now able to climb into and out of both cots, I think they will be in toddler beds in the next week or so, I’m so not ready for them to be so grown up, they are still my babies!!

Every night this week, we find them either playing in their room or zonked out in one cot, Ahren sans pj bottoms and a silly amount of toys!

And I even managed to squeeze in some baking, this scrummy cinnamon rolls didn't even last the weekend, nomnomnom!!

Hope you all had a jolly good weekend!


  1. Your tote bags look wonderful! I like the fabric of the blue plaid...pretty colors.

    Your cinnamon rolls look too yummy!

  2. Blimey, you've been busy. The bags are great. Love the pics of your adorable boys (and the cinamon rolls!). Spencer IS most definitely a superhero - what a hoo haa!

  3. what a jam packed post! Love that blue tote bag. :) the color is perfect, no wonder you're hanging on to it.
    Hubby? hero indeed! Sounds like some neighbors need to exchange keys or find a fab hiding place for an extra key. ;)
    ohhh, the kidlets are so darn cute! Potty training can be so frustrating. Good luck, (love the nappy thingy)
    broken heart. awwww Jamie grew up too fast! take it all in girl!
    have a good one!

  4. Superhero? Moi? Nooooooooooooooooooo....

    Well...... maybe a little ;)

    Happy weekend! :)


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