Where is my silver lining!

Ummm, Ahren just carried his potty over to me, tipped the wee on floor, jumped in the puddle then told me

 'It's slippery!'

I suppose I should just be pleased he used the potty, silver lining and all that!


  1. Oh no! LOL. I don't mean to laugh, but hang in there at least he used the potty.

  2. Too funny!! Ahh, those parenting moments!! At least he went in the potty... might have to explain about pouring it into the big potty and flushing it, but I'm sure you already thought of that... Potty training is just a hoot-- love their innocence. When we lost power for 6 days (and we have well water), my son would only pee over the edge of the deck outside b/c he didn't want to pee in a toilet that had not been flushed (we saved flushing for #2)-- good luck getting thru the process, and I hope it goes rapidly and smoothly for you-- that's all I have to say!

  3. He He....oh bless, i think it is a positive though ;o)
    love jooles x


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