Zippered Pouch, sewing with zips!

Oh my goshness!!

I only went and blinking well did it…. I made a pouch…..with a zipper!

Me, the girl who didn’t even know how to thread her sewing machine a few weeks ago did zippers!!! Actually I got a little carried away and made 4 pouches this afternoon!

I’m sure it’s not as exciting for you as it is for me, but zippers just have that ‘thing’ about them of being difficult, which is a complete and total misunderstanding, it was simple pimple.

If you want to make a zippy pouch this is what you will need

{2 x outer fabric 9.5 x 5.5 inches
2 x inner fabric 9.5 x 5.5 inches
2 x zipper tabs 1.5 x 1.5 inches
8 inch zipper
Sewing machine
Pokey thingy}

Cut all your pieces and press.

Take a zipper tab and fold one end under about 5mm, place over one end of the zipper, and sew in place.

Repeat process for the other end of the zipper.

Take a lining piece, lay it right side up, place the zipper right side up on top and finally take an outer piece and lay this right side down on top of the zipper. 

Make sure all edges are lined up and pin in place.

With your zipper foot, sew a .5 inch seam along the pinned edge.

{If you have difficulty in sewing straight lines you might find this useful, using my quilting ruler I measured and marked the seam line, as this particular zipper foot is clear, I’m able to see the line and follow it!}

Once sewn, press the pieces and top stitch along the edge of the outer fabric, close to the zipper.

Repeat this process for the other pieces.

Lay the piece out with right sides of the outer and lining fabric facing, press.

Pin the edges together and if necessary use fabric marker to indicate a 3 inch gap along the outer edge of the lining pieces, this is the gap you will use to turn the pouch the right side out.

UNZIP the zipper, and sew all around the edges, leaving the gap open.

Clip your corners and trim away any excess fabric, make sure not to snip in to your stitching.

Use the gap to pull through outer fabric through the lining, carefully poke out the corners and sew the gap in the lining closed, push lining into the pouch.

Press font and back of the pouch.

Do happy dance; this is totally optional, just felt necessary to celebrate my first zipper!

I honestly don’t know what I was so afraid of!!


  1. Oh my goshness! I love that phrase, I must say that all the time!

    Anyway, I'm definitely going to bookmark this. I've always been scared of zips but if you say it's simple pimple then I believe you! xx

  2. These are too cute! I need to get better with zippers!

  3. I'm so impressed that you did these and you've only been sewing for a few weeks. I'm like you, I avoid anything that involves a zipper! I remember trying to sew one into something I made in home ec in junior high and it gave me fits, so I've never tried again. I think I'll give it a go!

  4. I've been sewing for a couple years and STILL haven't ventured into zipper territory so thanks for making it look so easy with your tutorial!! I'm your newest follower...found you over at Serenity Now! Have a great weekend!!

  5. Congratualations! These look awesome. Maybe I'll try it!

  6. Great job! They all look awesome! Love the fabrics you chose! I too just started sewing and am a bit intimidated by zippers - you did such a good job!

  7. These are adorable!! I've been terrified to try zippers, but your tutorial is so good, I'm feeling a lot braver now!

  8. These are gorgeous!!!

    I can't sew, but so want one of these!


  9. Hi Amanda, these are so cute. Good job. I recently found your blog and am now following. Please pop on over and visit my blog also and perhaps you would like to follow me. I would really like that. Hugs, Chris


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