Festive Gift Exchange

I was lucky enough to register for the wonderful handmade gift exchange kindly hosted by Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous, and was paired up with the crazy busy and talented Elle over at the Handkerchief Tree

We’ve been convoing a little and I’ll freely admit I’m kinda nervous that what I have prepared will be shonky at best, heck Elle teaches crafts! So no pressure what so ever, I just had to whip up some stuff for someone who is paid to teach people how to craft, eekkk!

After a few days pondering just what to do, I mean, what do you make for someone that could or probably has already made it? I decided to stick to what I think I’m good at and things I like doing, then I kinda got carried away and put together this little bundle of goodies!

{Festive bunting
Stuffed heart decorations
Zipper pouch
Tissue cozy
Handmade gift tags
Candle, made by hubby}

I decided to wrap each gift individually, I love brown paper for gift wrapping, there are so many ways to dress it up, I chose some spotty ribbon in red and white dotty and aqua and white dots, lovely!

I’m totally stoked with the parcel that Elle will be opening soon, I know Christmas isn’t all about the gifts but they are lovely.



  1. All your crafts look terrific! Great that your husband participated, too! I'm quite sure Elle will love all the goodies!

  2. Ohh- anyone would be happy with the entire lot!


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