Its been a while!

The other day I realised it’s been about 12 months since I ‘discovered’ blogs, before that fateful Google search I’d never heard of blogs , I  wasn't aware that little blue frogs could help link things together and Pinterest was the exotic unknown cousin of ‘bookmark’.

A lot can happen in 12 months

I now have my own little blog, (with 399 followers more than I expected!),

I have linked to many a blog using those little blue frogs,

I have a new email address just for bloggy loveliness,

I’ve met some amazingly wonderful gals from all over the world,

Realised I’m not too bad at craftiness,

Bemoaned the fact all the best fabric stores are in the US,

Developed a ‘healthy’ obsession with fabric,

 Learnt how to use my sewing machine,

 Realised I don’t need to handover ridiculous amounts of cash to obtain cinnamon roll goodness (shame on you Cinnabon) as I make my own awesomely fanblinkingtastic cinnamon rolls WITH vanilla frosting,

Learnt enough about html to know I don’t want to learn any more,

Pondered as to why we don’t have different flavoured coffee creamer in the UK, Nestle you make me weep,

Made a bigger effort of making our home more homey,

Been humbled by the strength and generosity of others,

Realised that a fancy swanky camera isn’t necessary when Picnik / Photoshop is out there,

I’ve cried, laughed and snorted coffee out my nose (it was very attractive I can assure you) with the stories you share,

I’ve created a twitter account, got 1 follower and not even sent a tweet!

I’ve grown more confident and happier with the person I am.

This crazy trip into blogging has been great, and I’m looking forward to what the next 12 months have in store, thanks for taking this trip with me!



  1. Congrats on one year of blogging!

  2. My journey with blogging has been very much like yours and I have to agree with a lot of what you've learned, especially the coffee out the nose lol.
    I look forward to another 12 months of blogging with you and experiencing all the new things you learn.
    Oh and feel free to find me on pinterest :)

  3. Hi Amanda, What a great post! It's so cool that you love blogging... you have a fantastic one!

    I wanted to say a heartfelt thanks for the nice comment you left me about my dog(s). We are so sad but this new little one is keeping us so busy it's hard to dwell.

    Congrats again on your blogaversary! xo Malia

  4. Sounds like a fun year--congrats on your successes here! But I agree, the best part is the people, the ideas and the hilarious stories :)

  5. What a good year! Blogging is a really good way to meet lots of lovely people and learn so much about lots of different things! Love your recipe for Coconut cupcakes - may just try some they sound really yummy.
    Have a great day.
    Carol (The Next Step)


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