My Guy

My hubster is a pretty talented chap.
He is the most fantastic daddy our little boys could have.
He’s a wonderful cook; he does most of the cooking, yay!
He lets me have a sleep-in Saturday AND Sunday!
When he gets in from work he sends me up for a bath after a long day looking after the kids, I could go on, and on.
Basically he spoils me rotten; I’m such a lucky girl.

And, on top of all that, he’s a dab hand at making candles!

He knocked up these container candles for Halloween, all scented with candy corn, each with their own scary face!

Don’t they all look fantastic?!

He makes a whole bunch of different candles, actually he’s a bit of a candle snob, never shall a store candle burn in our house again!

Has your hubby got any hidden talents?


  1. Those candles are amazing. How the devil did he do them? Plse spill the beans (you know I'm craftily challenged don't you?).

    Mmmm, hubby's hidden talents. Brews wine, cooks, massages my feet (but not often and not long enough for my liking) and speaks a bit of Spanish (on a good day...). xx

  2. Oh wow! How great are they all lined up on the mantel like that! What a talented hubby you have.

  3. wow! what a hubby you have!
    amazing candles.
    love jooles x
    P.S nearly forgot, mine makes a mean curry:o)

  4. Those candles are adorable! You do have a talented husband. Mine doesn't make candles, but he does cook dinner on a regular basis and does a great job of it.


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