Scrapbook Stash Busting!!

A few years ago I got into Scrapbooking and card making big time! I brought the lot, 12x12 papers, card blanks, stamps, digital collections, Pro Markers, embellishments, a Big Shot and a Cricut, you name it I probably have it, and made 1 scrapbook and a bunch of cards.

Apparently scrapbooking and cards isn’t my thing!

So I’m now left with a whole stash of supplies which aren’t doing much except gathering dust, well that’s what I thought until I decided to use my stash to make some decorations for the home this Christmas.

{Present  Garland}

Am I the only one who just cannot stand this stuff, polystyrene packaging. I know it has its uses but it drives me crazy, so I figured why not make it more useful after its intended use!
Using a bread knife, I cut the packaging into various sized squares and rectangle.

Then using festive themed papers set about wrapping each square until they resemble a cute miniature parcel.

You can add any embellishments, ribbons, bows, tags, bells to give them a little charm.
For the individual ornaments, use some hot glue to attach a loop of some ribbon, twine or cord, once dry, they are ready to hang.

{Paper chains}

Who doesn’t love paper chains, they are so quick and easy to make, and look wonderful. Using a selection of co-ordinating papers, arrange them in a stack, using a ruler and craft knife, cut them into strips approximately 1inch wide.
Fold a strip into a loop, with the ends slightly overlapping, staple the 2 ends together. 

Thread another strip through the loop, and repeat the process, carry on until you have a chain. Hang either on your tree, mantel or walls.

{Paper cones}

Using a square of paper, curve it into a cone shape, secure with sticky tape, attach a ribbon for hanging. 

You can fill with some festive marshmallows, or some candied sunflower seeds which I must get hubby to make soon!

{Tree decorations}

Grab a pop stick, roll up various lengths of scrapbook paper, and glue them to the pop stick in a Christmas tree shape. Add a topper to the top of the tree, I used a gingerbread figure!

{Advent calendar}

Cut some scrapbook paper into 2.5 x 8 inch strips, you need 24, and fold them in half. I decided to round the corners.

 Add numbers 1 to 24.

Instead of chocolates or other such goodies, I have decided that my advent will be spent doing things for others. Every day I will have a ‘Random Act of Kindness’ to complete, nothing major or world changing, just little things to perhaps brighten someone else’s day. Once I’ve come up with my list, I shall pop one into each envelope, to be completed on each day of advent.

{Festive Signs}

Every home needs a couple of festive signs around the place. I covered a piece of scrap wood with scrapbook paper, added some stick on letters, a little Christmas tree and some bells, and now have a sweet little sign!

{Heart Sentiments}

I had a few wooden hearts left over from previous projects, adding a simple festive rub-on makes a simple decoration.

So, here are a few ideas to use up some scrapbook paper, I have more, but figured this post is way too long already!


  1. I had a, huge...paper buying problem for awhile. I just looked at it the other day and was kicking myself for wasting the money, but this post has changed my mood.

    I love the mini presents and think I'll make a bunch of those and put them in a glass hurricane.

    And your advent calendar idea is so different and seasonally appropriate.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I just adore the mini packages! They are sooo expensive in the store.. and for some reason it never occurred to me to make my own!?!
    Oh.. if you want a cute idea.. you can make photo albums for the Christmas tree with scrapbook paper and chipboard.. then fill them with your own pics!
    Happy paper crafting!

  3. Hi Amanda! I love your Christmas trees! Hope all is well with you and the twins are not getting into any markers! :)

  4. Pretty amazing all the fun things you can do with scrap booking. I made a scrap book once, and I just had a hard time getting through it. I am not a very good scrapper. You on the other hand are a pro.!

  5. Wow! You are really on the ball! Love the Popsicle stick trees and the advent calendar. So cute!
    Stopping by from Serenity Now!

  6. It's awesome that you found a way to use up your un-used supplies. I love the idea of making a paper chain with pretty paper. I may have to do that too!

  7. Wow, you have been so busy and so creative! What fantastic makes.

  8. You are so crafty! I love the use of the polystyrene for that adorable present garland- going to pin that when I get my laptop back from my four-year-old ;)

  9. Some really cute ideas! I especially love the little mini gifts.... :D I'm gonna be looking to see if we have any polystyrene laying around here somewhere...i hope so! :)

  10. And found some! Made me some of those cute little mini gifts quick. :D

  11. Wow, someone's been crafting up a storm! Love it! Now I'm in the mood to go raid my stash... hmmmm...

    Thanks for linking up to Refresh Your Nest Friday. I always love to see what you have up your sleeve each week!

  12. Great ideas, it helps me a lot! Thanks xx


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