Seasonal Candle Safety Tips

With Holiday Season upon us and the darker winter nights well and truly here, most of us have started to bust out the candles.

So I thought it wouldn’t hurt to do a little reminder on candle safety, I’m sure you all know these things, and follow them, but sometimes a reminder is all good!

1)     Never leave a burning candle unattended, especially around kiddies and pets.
2)     Keep burning candles out the reach of kiddies and pets.
3)     Always ensure you extinguish the flame properly, the wick can reignite if the flame isn’t fully extinguished.
4)     Always place candles on a suitable heat resistant surface, preferably a candle plate.
5)     Ensure your candles are on a level surface, away from flammable items.
6)     Keep the wick trimmed, if it is too long, the flame will flicker and could leave soot up the wall, a ¼ inch is ideal.
7)     Keep candles away from drafts, you don’t want your curtains being blown into the flame!
8)     Don’t move them whilst they are burning, you don’t want to spill any melted wax on yourself and if a container candle, it will be hot.
9)     Make sure you remove any broken wick from the wax pool; it could work as another wick.

If you fancy making your own candles, here are some tips from the hubby who has been making all sorts of candles for over a year.

1)     Never put wax in the microwave to melt it down, all wax is flammable; if it reaches its flammable temperature in your microwave you will have a microwave on fire! (Soy wax could be done in the microwave, but you could still get hot spots – be careful)
2)     If you want to melt down scrappy candles to make a new one, use a double boiler, and don’t leave it unattended whilst melting.
3)     Make sure your wick is the appropriate size and type for the size and type of candle you are making.
4)     Use proper candle dyes, not crayons to colour your candles. I know Martha says you can, but crayons use pigment dye which can clog the resulting is a smoking candle and increased fire hazard!

1)     Do not burn for under an hour, with at least an hour’s burning time the melt pool goes across rather than straight down, increasing the life of your candle.
2)     Do not burn for more than 4 hours at any one time, the melt pool will be so big and deep it ends up burning away wax quicker.

{These are tips and advice, they do not replace common sense, please be careful, if you set light to aunties cardigan, it's not my fault}


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  1. Great post! Never hurts to remind everyone.

  2. I love the glow of burning candles, but I always have a fear that I am going to forget to blow one out. I use quite a few of the little battery operated tealights around the holidays.

  3. Thank you for keeping us safe! Now that my kids are older I can burn candles without fear.

  4. Brilliant idea for a post! I shared this on Facebook. I am freaky safe about candles (had to be as a wedding planner) but so many just do not even realize

  5. Thanks for the reminders (and some tips I didn't even know)! Great public service announcement, Amanda! :)

    Have a great week!

  6. thanks so much for reminding people, I left a candle burning in a votive on the kitchen table(wood) and the bottom of the candle (votive)burned it

  7. Candles are beautiful no doubt, but you do need to be safe with them. That is why I sell scentsy the wickless, smells great, cute burners and no worries if left on 24/7.

  8. Great tips! It's amazing how a few simple steps can save your candles (and home, they can be scary if not used correctly). Thanks for sharing!


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