The Christmas Freak Out!

Is anyone else about to freak out like a turkey on Christmas Eve?

Christmas is too few days away, last time I checked, I had a few months, now its days, and how has this happened? Please someone tell me!

I have, some how, managed to put up some decorations, even made a whole bunch too!

Whilst going through all the boxes of decorations I found some of my very first sewing projects from this time last year, wanna see?

Here we have Mr & Mrs Ginger

I kinda forgot to finish the kiddos, sorry boys!

I made several felt bells with snowflakes and added one of these hand painted rusty bells to each one, I love these bells.

They may not be much, but I’m still totally impressed with these!

These are some of the decorations I made this year.

Trees, a gal’ has to have trees, so I’ve knocked out a few of these and have dotted them around the house.

Hearts! Who doesn’t love hearts?
I doooooo! So made up a whole bunch and have hung them from almost everything I could!

Bunting! Did you really think I could through Christmas without some festive bunting?!
I couldn’t, so I used some lovely red & white fabrics to make this little lovely.

As much as I love making my own decorations, sometimes I see decorations in a store, do a little dance, clap my hands and squeal ‘Ohh, ohhhh Oh!’,  until hubby realises what has caught my attention and asks ‘How many do you need?’

These are some of my most favourite decorations which we have purchased.

Love my reindeer's!

And laser cut decorations!

I also love, love, love these  rustic heart and star decorations.

I have a few decorations which are a mash-up of store purchased decorations and my own handmade tweaks, once I have sorted those out I shall post a tut or two, maybe!
Well I’m off to continue my pre Christmas freak out, anyone want to join me?!



  1. Yes-- December is whizzing by way too quickly and I'm a little freaked out about how close it is to the holidays. I love all your homemade decorations-- they are all wonderful. Happy decorating and enjoy the season!

  2. December is always a blur.. your decorations look awesome.. and by the time Christmas comes you'll be ready.. Step back and take a breath!

  3. Christmas does have a way of sneaking up on us. Your ornaments are wonderful! I can't believe how many pretty ones you've made both this year & last. I love your & white, yes please!

  4. Loving your homemade decs too - I tend to go shopping without my old geezer. Luckily he hasn't noticed that I have bought more christmas decorations this year !

  5. I just love your handmade decorations! I will be posting about my handmade glitter ornaments.

  6. Whizzing by for sure! You've made some really cute things. I'm hoping I'm still in the mood to make some things after Christmas for next year -- fingers crossed!
    Hope your little ones feel better soon!


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