I can’t move like Jagger!!

Can someone please tell my kiddos that their mama just can’t ‘Move like Jagger’, especially whilst spinning round the kitchen holding TWO 2.5 year olds, for 30 minutes!

Honestly, putting the radio in the kitchen so I could listen to some festive music whilst doing some house work was a HUGE MISTAKE.

As soon as I flick the switch, the terrors run in the kitchen, arms out stretched requesting a dance, refusal is futile.

I like to think that back in the day I could strut my stuff pretty darn well on the dance floor, but two kids harm my moves somewhat, I’m lucky that no one can see into our kitchen or people would have wondered what on earth was going on!

I would have been kicked right out of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ but I sure did get a couple of work outs this week, which is all good as I do plan on adding a few Holiday pounds!!

We’ve had a wonderful time with the boys this week; I decorated the play/craft room and enjoyed some hilarious moments with the kiddos.

Ahren, calling to Ethan
“Come back little fella”

Ahren & Ethan on seeing the decorations I hung in the playroom
“It’s bootiful”

Ethan to daddy when told to leave the PS3 alone
“Hmmmm, no!”

Ahren & Ethan on seeing the candles and fairy lights lit in the living room
“It’s bootiful mummy”

Honestly, everyday they say things which have us screaming with laughter and puzzled as to where they have heard some of these things!

I'm off to finish wrapping a few gifts, it has been looking depressingly bare under the tree!


  1. i would love to be a fly on the wall at your house sometime!! love the new header too!

  2. Awwww, sweet. Your story reminds me that my daughter and me used to dance together in the kitchen. Haven't done that in ages. I'm too much of an embarrassment these days!

    Btw, your me me me link doesn't work! Xx


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