I'm not ready, another week please!

Ohhhhhhh my gosh!

Christmas is FOUR days away.

I have 2 sleeps before I need to get my gifts ready and wrapped for family who are coming to visit on Thursday, and I have NOTHING!

Let the festive freak out commence!

 I don’t understand what happened, I have made lists and plans and somehow kinda didn’t get round to the whole ‘doing’ stage!

What do I doooooo?!

Seriously, I’m in a pickle, gah! This year Christmas has seriously come round quicker than other years, I’m going to send a very stern letter to those folks at GMT about slowing things down a tad.

On the plus side, I was messing around with some embroidery and mastered the French knot, hurrah! And I think I almost know how to use Twitter, I follow peeps and I even have followers but still haven't sent anything!

Okay, well I had better skedaddle and figure out what I’m going to do!
Any last minute ideas more than welcome, how are your festive preparations going?



  1. Oh I hear ya, loud and clear! I could SWEAR that Christmas indeed came faster and earlier this year! It'll be the crazies around here too AND I probably won't get stuff done if it makes you feel better! :)

  2. Somehow you'll manage to get it all together Amanda. As moms, we always do, no matter what. Merry Christmas!

  3. Ooooh, I hear you! It doesn't help that Christmas is on the weekend (normally, that's when I take care of stuff!) and when I have loads to do... I just want to crawl in bed and do nothing ;-)

  4. I hate to say it but I'm done and dusted! Internet shopping and wrapping prezzies in shifts rather than on none hideous panic stricken go! It helps as well that we're not hosting this year - phew.

    Don't panic, Amanda. It will be alright. Promise.

    Have a good one. Xx

  5. i hear you lady. i'm a bit behind the 8 ball, too! deep breaths.. you can do it! i believe in you!

  6. Sorry have no suggestions but if it will make you feel a bit better , i am in the same situation...all my gifts are still unrapped...hope to do them tomorrow as now I am busy reading blogs :-) Have a nice Christmas!

  7. Oh I know what you mean! I am still wrapping and delivering presents today!


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