What nots and ho hums!

Can you believe another year is almost over!

Seems as though the years are going by quicker and quicker, which makes it more all the more important to cherish those around you and the moments which make everything worthwhile.

I shan’t be too sad to close the door on 2011; it’s had its ups and downs, all of which have made me more excited for whatever 2012 has planned for both me and my family.

I’ve rather enjoyed this impromptu blog break, hubby has been home and I’ve been making the most of lazy mornings and instant coffee mug refills ( he knows how much I need my coffee), but I’m itching to get back to my sewing and blogging!

I have a bunch of ideas which need scribbling down before I commit scissors to fabric; my scrap fabric bin is full of hasty makes which never quite made it! Hopefully I will be sharing these with you soon.

We had a wonderful Christmas, not a snowy one, but the boys enjoyed it immensely, imagine doing some last minute shopping with 2 little boys shouting ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Dash away, dash away’ at everyone, they were certainly getting in to festive spirit even if the adults were wondering why on earth we had left everything to the last minute again!

However you choose to mark the passing of one and the beginning of a new year, I hope you spend it with those near and dear.

I shall leave you with a little thought,

You know the fluffy lint that accumulates in the tumble dryer after drying a load of laundry, how many times can you tumble dry an item before you are left with nothing but a zipper or buttons?! I mean really, where does it all come from?

And whilst I’m pondering such ‘serious’ issues, if you line dry laundry, where does all the fluffy lint go?



  1. Happy new year Amanda...lets hope its a jolly good one :o)
    love jooles xxx


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