Bags of Love

It’s been an interesting week.

Taking the twins out of their cots and putting them into ‘big boy beds’ has led to some ‘interesting’ evenings.

They are now bouncing around the bedroom likes loons for about 3 hours each night.

Jumping on / off beds
Tossing mattresses on the floor
Jumping on the bed slates
Making tents out of duvets
Emptying out their drawers and closets
Whipping off their pants
Flicking their torches on and off
Playing their piano book…..

Whilst it has led to some interesting ‘sleeping positions’ it has left me little time to do any crafting.

I did however manage to grab a spare half hour to make these.

{Bags of Love}

Want to make some, grab the following

Linen / muslin
Lace trim
Bakers twine
Cotton tape
Ink & letter stamps
Sewing machine & bits

From the linen cut 6 rectangles, 6 x 3 inches.

Approximately half an inch from a short edge, pin a piece of lace, and sew in place.

Repeat for all remaining rectangle pieces.

Take 2 rectangle pieces, place them right sides together and pin.
Sew along both long edges and the short edge closest to the lace trim.

Snip corners and turn right side out.

Cut the cotton tape into 3 pieces.

Use the stamps and ink pad to stamp
{I love you xxx}
on to the tape.

Either stitch or use fabric glue to adhere one piece of tape to the front of each sack, trim to size if necessary.
(You could do this before sewing the sacks together)

Fill each sack approximately 2/3rds full with toys stuffing/ dried rice or scraps of fabric.

Bunch up the neck of the sack; tie a piece of bakers twine around the neck.

And now you have some cute little sack decorations, you could add some dried lavender or rose petals to add some scent.

I have a feeling this will be another interesting week, I’m stocking on up coffee to get me through!



  1. When I transitioned my boys to their big boy beds, it was hard...but eventually they learned to love their bunk beds. My boys think there is something very magical about the ladder on their beds!

    Thanks for the cute tutorial, seems so easy, even I could do it! I might make a trip to Hobby Lobby and make these myself! I'll let you know how it goes! Thanks again!!


  2. Very cute craft, don't know how you had the time. I remember trying to get my girls accustomed to big beds, one night I found my youngest daughter asleep on the floor outside her door! Best of luck to you, but keep in mind, this too shall pass. ;)

  3. Love this for lavender, I live in France so have my own supply!! Linda

  4. The bags are super sweet - good luck on your transition to beds!!

  5. Thanks for a great tutorial for a very cute bag. :)

  6. adorable kid!
    and the bags are really nice too

  7. I remember those years with my kids. It didn't take long for them to get into a nice routine. Good luck with your little ones. Your bags are so pretty. Perfect for Valentines Day.

  8. These little bags are just adorable! I would love for you to link up with my party at:

    Each week, three items get featured!

  9. These bags are adorable (especially with little sleep)! I hear my "sleeping" rascals foraging in their rooms as I type. Gotta love them! We would love for you to share these at our link party!

    Take care! Trish @ Uncommon

  10. Sorry i have not commented till now, i have been reading your blog for a whilst now though. It has become part of my morning routine.

  11. Obtaining my to comment is often tough, but that post was definitly worthy. I just wish to say hi and tell you that i will likely be back

  12. Those little bags are precious! I love them! I think the idea to add lavendar is great. I don't have any actual lavendar but I have lavendar oil, I bet I could put dry rice into a bowl, put a drop of the oil in, stir, and then put them in the bag. Thanks for the inspiration :)

  13. These are sooo stinkin adorable.. love the little bits of lace at the bottom.
    Good luck with the big boy beds.. we had little people in and out of our bed for years.. actually .. they still pop in from time to time or they sleep together..
    oh the adventures of Motherhood!

  14. Oh the boys antics in their bedrooms sounds very amusing-- and exhausting at the same time!! Love the photos of them with the construction hat and goggles! That is a lovely tutorial-- thanks for sharing!!


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