Day 3!

There is a slight flaw in my attempt to take photos of my kids every day, and that would be my KIDS!!!

Today they have been total pickles, and so un co-operative in having their photo taken, so I decided to just snap a shot when I could. Ahren wasn’t too bad, snapped this one whilst he was trying to stretch his t-shirt over his knees, as you do! 

Hasn't he got gorgeous chubby chops, just wanna squeeze 'em!

Ethan on the other hand, well, he just has to hear the sound of a photo being taken and he is all over it, trying to look through the viewer and have a photo taken at the same time.

After 4 attempts I gave up, the last shot is so perfectly Ethan, all cute and cheeky.

It will be interesting to see just how ‘easy’ it is to get these photos over the next 12 months!
Speaking of interesting, I got a lovely package in the post, do you remember all the wonderful giveaways hosted as part of Sew, Mama, Sews week of giveaways.

I was the lucky winner of the give-away hosted by Max at Black Bird Has
Spoken, do you want to see what she so generously sent me?

Oh and the chocolates, I have a terrible sweet tooth, and it’s got to be said that here in Blighty we have a pretty poop selection of chocolate, every time I find THE PERFECT chocolate, they either go and ‘improve’ the recipe or stop selling it completely, I shall indeed have a lovely time trying all these yummy treats.

How generous is Max? I love everything I got, the pin cushion is so fun and I have no idea what to use the vintage sheet for, so I'm going to keep it until I know just what to do, any ideas?!!



  1. Photos like that will probably be some of your faves later:) What a pretty sheet! I think it would look great as a bag or some kind of wall art.

  2. i did a similar photo challenge for my 30th year. i did it through 305 project started by ross scrivener (a fellow UK-er). it's tough. best of luck to you! they are little dolls! i do love those cheekers too!

  3. You are off to a good start, for sure. The boys are lovely no matter how close or far from the lens. Can't wait to see more!


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