Parenting Know How Or Not!!

It seems as though parents just know what to do in certain situations.

 It’s like something is turned on when your child is handed to you and BAM!  You have this whole encyclopaedia of knowledge you never knew you had at your finger tips.

When your child needs comfort, you give them a cuddle.
When your child is hungry, you feed them.
When your child has done wrong, you tell them off.
When your child is scared, you reassure them.

You ‘just know’ what to do or say.

But, what do you do, when you have nothing ‘up there’?

Today I’ve experienced just one of those situations.

I walked in to the living room with a basket full of laundry to find Ahren dancing in a freshly filled potty of pee.

Yep, Ahren was dancing in pee.

Our conversation was something like this

Me: Ahren, what on earth are you doing?
Him: mummy, I’m dancing!!!
Me: Get out the potty, we don’t dance in pee
Him: But why not mummy?
Me: Because……
Him: Because what mummy?
Me: Ahren get out the potty now, your splashing pee everywhere
Him: It’s my peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Whilst this conversation is taking place, I’m trying to avoid getting a face of pee and dropping all the laundry in the pee.

I do consider just dropping the laundry and picking him up and out the potty, but the possibility of his feet just whooshing his pee everywhere make me hesitant.

Eventually that is what I do, I wonder not for the first time just how the heck a kid of his size can pee so much, I roll him in a towel and grab another to mop up the pee, don’t want anyone slipping over. Although the comedy effect of Ahren slipping on his arse by stepping in his own pee isn’t lost on me.

Once I’ve cleared everything away, we have another conversation about dancing in pee, specifically the ‘DON’T DO IT’ part.

So, here’s my dilemma.

Dancing in pee is frowned upon in most civilised societies, with good reason.
But how do you convey that to a child, a child who isn’t even 3 yet!!

I don’t want to just say, ‘Pee is disgusting’ cause I don’t want him freaking out over something natural, besides, most guys tend to be a bit ‘hands on’ when peeing.

His argument of ‘It’s my peeeeee’ is valid. 
But as his mummy, is it not mine until he reaches an age of maturity and can ‘deal’ with pee in a more acceptable manner?

I’d like to say this is the first time we have had ‘Pee incidents’ but it’s not.

They get upset, really upset, when their pee is flushed away.
They can cry, ‘But mummy, it’s mine not yours’.
They tell it to ‘Have a nice day’ as it whooshes it's way to where ever goes.
They are oddly possessive.

So, how do you know what to do in situations like this? We have never expressly said, ‘Do not dance in pee’, never actually thought it was necessary.

What does the ‘Parental Handbook’ say about these things; I’m missing this particular chapter!!



  1. Oh my gosh, I don't want to laugh, but I want to laugh all the same! lol

    I don't know if I have any wise advice to give on this one. With his being so young, he's not really going to understand any type of serious talk about it.

    Maybe you could say that pee does, in fact, belong to him but at the same time pee needs to & wants to be flushed away.

    I don't know, hopefully someone out there will have a brilliant idea.

  2. oh. no. what a mess. i'm sorry, but i couldn't help but chuckle as i read this because i can see the absolute horror on your face. maybe you could try the whole pee wants to go down the toilet waterslide? i don't know... you poor dear.

  3. Ah boys! I miss my little 3 year old who is now 23. I would have wanted to laugh, but would probably have said something like "yes, it is yours, but it belongs in the bathroom", trying to keep a straight face the whole time!

  4. Teehee! Not sure where they get that particular trait from..

    Certainly not from their dear old dad.. I did nothing like that when I was their age :) Or did I...?

  5. How about just treating it as if he had been splashing about in water. You won't need to convey the ickyness factor but can still explain that you do NOT splash liquids about in the house. You're then covered, until he starts making his own puddles in the garden :-)


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