Photo Round Up!!

I’ve decided that instead of posting my photos every day; I shall do a ‘weekly roundup’ on a Sunday.

{Day 4}

Hubby’s last day before returning to work, we took a trip to the beach. Oh my gosh it chilly down there. The boys ran to the sea and ran back. Ahren told us he was ‘chilly’, so we bundled them back in the buggy and headed back home, brrrrr!

{Day 5}

The boys missed their daddy and spent most of the time snuggled up with dinosaur sandwiches.

{Day 6}

Bath day blues.

For kids who love wading out in to the sea, splashing in the pool and puddles, they sure do hate bath time.

Think we all cried this day.

{Day 7}

Opps! I forgot to take photos.

{Day 8}

We all woke up feeling grotty. Sneezes and snuffles all day long!