Picnik Closing!

Yep, as of April 19th Picnik is closing its photo editing doors and working on something new with Google +.

Good news is, all premium features are free as of now until it closes!

I’m off to edit some photos!!



  1. No! They can't do this to me, I just started using Picnic...oh the humanity! :D

  2. Bother, I'm in the same boat as Gina. Grrrrrr.

  3. so sad... i choked back a scream when i read it. i've used it for alllllll my editing for almost 2 years. there are so many great effects that i don't know where else to get them!

  4. I am seriously annoyed! they can't close, they have the easiest and best effects. I use them all the time!! Sigh, maybe the Google + thing will be just as good, doubt it though

  5. They are so adorable, Amanda. You are so right that the time goes by so fast -- saver every minute!

    Thanks for stopping by to see my pantry!

  6. Totally agree. Completely unfair! I love Picnik! WAAAHHH!

    Cassandra ♥


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