Sewing up pouches and purses, at last!

Where is this month going?

Between potty training my boys, keeping the house in order and those everyday things that eat into your time, I’ve had precious little time to do anything even remotely crafty.

Last week I finally got a chance to sit down and do some sewing.

My poor neglected sewing machine (Doris) let it be known she wasn’t happy being abandoned, and puckered, bunched and generally messed about for awhile.

Eventually I managed to calm her down and stitched up these little cuties.

My hubby ordered this fabric for me, I love it, so fun! I made these using the same process here, I just amened the sizes.

I added some beads and ribbon to the zipper, makes a nice addition I think.

Around Christmas I purchased some Keyka Lou patterns and made some purses.
With all this drab and dreary weather we are having I decided to use some fun bright colours.

Can you tell I like my polka dots?!

 As someone who hasn’t been sewing for a long time, I found these patterns / instructions easy to follow. Lucky for me Michelle includes some handy tips to make things easier, all of which I will be using on other sewing projects. 



  1. We're potty training around here too, though just one boy :) haven't decided if it's been easier our harder than the girls-it's only day 3 though. Anyway, do I understand, and I'm itching to make something too :)

  2. Those fabrics are great. Very cute.

  3. I love your pouches. Especially the ones with the fold-over top, only because I'm terrible with zippers. I like the fact that you've named your machine "Doris" as we named our mixer "Gary"!

  4. I just spent an afternoon shopping for polka-dot fabric! I love what you did with yours.

  5. I love your posts. They are informative and well written. And thanks for sharing ideas for a beginning sewer! I'd love to have you guest post. Please take a look at how I'll promote you here:

  6. so cute!! i'm going to have to try out the tute and make some of these :) thanks for sharing!

  7. These are just great, I have to do this, great post.

  8. I love your polka-dot and checkered pouches and purses!! They are very bright and cheerful indeed!! Do you sell them, keep them or give them as gifts (or a combination thereof)? I still haven't named my sewing machine, and although I love it dearly, I have no desire to give it a name. Perhaps in time I will feel inspired to do so. I NEVER manage to get my house in order now that I have kids-- maybe a counter, an area or even one room (for a couple hours, tops), but just can't seem to maintain it-- so kudos to you. You have been a productive gal!


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