Start of a New Year!

Can you believe its January already?!

I’m so looking forward to getting things done this year.

 January holds such promise for the year to come, something about new beginnings gives me a boost in wanting to be proactive and complete things.

One thing I’m determined to do is take photos of my children every single day. I was shocked and actually saddened when I realised that we had gone through periods of weeks where we hadn’t taken any photos of our boys! I’m so mad at myself for all the missed moments.

Here is what I got so far.

Hubby had the bright idea of carrying the boys around in the laundry basket, whilst not the ideal way to get them from A to B, it does make for a cutie photo!

The boys needed to expel some crazy pent up energy, me thinks they may have had a smidge too many Christmas chocolates so earlier today we took the boys to the local park for a run around, the first day it hasn’t just tipped down all day. What is it about seeing toddlers running around that just makes a person smile, Ahren gave a running commentary too, ‘Mummy, I’m running’ or ‘Mummy, I’m kicking the ball’.

Well I’m off to start taking down more of the Christmas decorations, normally I leave them up until the 12th night, but I’m anxious to start on the de-cluttering.

Hope your year is off to a peachy start!



  1. Those are some adorable photos! You'll be so glad you documented these days. I'm starting off the new year by decluttering too. It's such a good feeling, isn't it?

  2. Your boys are adorable! Yes, take lots of pictures because they grow way too fast. Happy 2012 to you & your family!

  3. what a wonderful resolution-- esp. when your kids are so young-- they are learning and growing so fast and its amazing to see how they view/interpret the world. I love the photos you've posted so far :0) Cute in the laundry basket, and the play outside is great, too.

  4. What sweet photos! Happy New Year!


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