They Grow Up So Fast

There was a time, not all that long ago, when my children needed me for everything.

Now, in under a month my boys have made leaps and bounds into their journeys of independence.

{No more bottles}

We spent an age finding something Ethan could drink from after coming home from hospital. Whether it was damage to his lips from the birthmarks or just being a fussy so and so, we eventually found something he would drink from.

I would show you the ‘wonder’ bottles, but in a rather ceremonious demonstration of
“I don’t need that anymore”
Ethan bit the top off!

So both boys now drinking from proper cups, woohoo!

{No more nappies}

Whilst we have had a few interesting moments in the potty training area, both kiddos are now nappy free!

Even through the night!!

They wake up to go to the loo, and settle themselves back to sleep, yippy!
Not sure I have ever been more proud, they have done amazingly well.

Not only that, but they love their pants!

Ahren actually woke up at 4am the other day shouting
“My pants! I’ve lost my pants, and it’s all my fault”

He likes to wear them on his head and pretend to be a pirate, aaarrrrgggghhhh!

We have however still got over 200 size 5 nappies, poop!

{Big kid beds}

When we ordered the cots back before the boys were born, I was adamant that I wanted ones which could be turned into junior beds. This weekend we turned those cots into beds.

Not going to lie, I actually shed a few tears.

Nothing makes you realise just how much your children are growing up than seeing them sleeping in beds for the first time.

Less than 3 years ago, they both could fit side by side in a Moses basket!

It's amazing how quickly they grow up, must remember to cherish all of it, the good and not so good.

So how is that for a month of moments. 



  1. 'wow, so many milestones all at once!! But your photos capture it all and are precious. Its so interesting to me,, not having twins, to see the bond that they have together. Congrats on the potty training (that went pretty quick, although I really have been out of the loop since the holidays with blog reading and may have missed some humps along the way). My son had feeding issues due to a sensory issue in his mouth and we used cups with straws. The boys are too cute!


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