And so it continues...

The grey cloud of doom is following me.

Since last posting

My bath puff went poof, damn those things are loooooooooooong once unravelled. Did you know you can fit your leg in it, now you know!

Ethan dropped a stone in my fav Cath Kidston mug, don’t ask. I’m actually really bummed over this, it was my only one and you know drinks taste different depending on the mug. The hubby is going to fix it and make it in to candle.

I plugged in my coffee maker this morning, the boys got up at 'stupid o'clock' and I blew all the electrics! Luckily I knew how to sort it out, but man oh man!

Give me break will ya!

I know nothing major has happened but I’ve had enough, if I fall over one more time I shall just lay there and have the mother of all temper tantrums.

Hope your having a better week than I am! 



  1. oh no! and that IS a darling mug! sounds like a rough start to the day! poor girl. sending you sunshine from the states.

  2. Aww it sounds like you're getting a real run of cruddy luck. I'd be gutted about the mug too, you're right that drinks taste different in different cups lol
    Hope you get some good luck right about...NOW!

  3. OK bright side now you know how those silly puffs are made so you can DIY one, you now get to go shopping for a NEW and improved cute mug, and well yea the waking up early does suck!
    I found you on the LInky Blog hop and I love they way you type/talk, it reminds me of my friend from South Africa. I am now following you and hope you will visit me sometime at

  4. I have had a week just like you ! oh my goodness as of last night I took myself off to bed before the children and before anything else could go wrong ! lol
    Tomorrow is always a different day and there are lots of Cath Kidston mugs out there. Buy a couple next time to make up for your break !

  5. So sorry about that adorable Cath Kidston mug... I would weep if I broke one of my beloved CK teacups. I love that you will be able to repurpose it into a candle. That's brilliant!


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