Glass Doors ~ A quick, cheap & easy revamp

I shared this door with you last year, when I used scrapbook paper to decorate it.

Kitchen Door
As is normal for me, I got bored of it and decided to change it up.

Kitchen Door Command Centre
 I removed all the paper and glue residue, then gave each glass panel a wash.
Once the door was clear I was instantly reminded me why I hate this door so much

1)   I just don’t see the point in glass doors inside!
2)   Too much glass, wouldn’t be so bad if it was half glass half solid
3)   It lets me see the boiler, which isn’t pretty to look at

Short of buying another door or moving the boiler, neither gonna happen, I had to come up with a way to disguise the boiler!

One thing we will be doing soon is painting the kitchen, so I decided to paint the door and frame a lovely blue colour.

 It’s at this point I couldn’t find the etching cream, so decided to do something with the cabinet that holds all my laundry supplies.

Laundry Items
I gave it a coat of paint and hung some little curtains.

Laundry Cabinet
I decided to place all the laundry bits’n’bobs in an old picnic basket.

Laundry Hamper
The pegs are kept in this flower pot which I painted and decoupaged.

Peg Storage
I gave these little wooden buckets a new coat of paint, and added ‘his and hers’ rub on letters, now a perfect spot to store all those pesky items left in pockets.

Pocket Storage
After a few days of ransacking the house looking for the glass etching cream the hubby was banished to the loft to continue the search, he eventually found it, thanks darlin’!

Before I did anything else, I used an E~cloth to wipe down the panes of glass, these things are great for cleaning, no chemicals!

Once the glass was clean I poured a small amount of etching cream into a container, and used a sponge brush to apply the cream to the glass.

 I used a dab dab dabby technique, and more or less got an even application on each section of glass. The dabby technique has given an almost misted effect on the glass, rather than a streaky one which would have been obtained using a brush.

Glass with Etch Cream
On some panels I applied vinyl letters to create some kitchen~esq words.

Glass with Vinyl Letters
I used the dabby technique to apply cream over the glass and the vinyl.

Glass with vinyl letters and etching cream
 Once the cream was almost dry I used a knife to gently lift up an edge of the vinyl which I then peeled away, leaving a crisp and clear letter image.

Here is the finished door, once it has dried a little more it wont be so patchy looking.

Not sure how I feel about it to be honest, but it does let in the light and looks kinda cool, and if I decide I want something different I can just use hot water and soap to wash it off.

What would you do?
I want the light to come through but don’t want the boiler staring at me! Any ideas are more than welcome.


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  2. I like the idea of the etched glass. Just as another option, would it be possible to hang a full-length curtain in front of the boiler or would that be a fire hazard?

    Thanks for checking out my new blog header & for your nice comments. I'm now following via the Linky Followers.

  3. Hi Amanda,
    I'm a first-timer here. I found you via Sew Sweet Violet (congrats on your win there, by the way). AND I'm so happy that I found you! What a gorgeous blog you have!!! I love the 'look' of it. I'll definitely be stopping by frequently from now on!
    Until next time.....

  4. My sister in law has film that sticks on and looks like lace. It obscures looking through the glass but still lets the light in. I've seen it in B&Q. I know it sounds tacky but it actually looks nice (her front room was very overlooked so she used it in the bottom half of her window)

  5. you did great jo i think it looks fab and i LOVE your laudry ideas
    happy weekend
    love jooles x

  6. you found it! and i love that door. i've done that sort of thing (with cheap frosted contact paper, though) to our kitchen window because i like the natural light that a valance lets in. but we are up on a hill so with a plain window everyone can see in :/

  7. Okay, that is a great idea! I have a door similar to that and it really needs something... I'll have to keep that idea in mind!

  8. I love how organized and tidy your laundry room is and the door turned out great!! If you're not pleased with it, they also sell some sticky/clingy sheets at the big home stores (like Home Depot or Lowe's here in the states) that look like stained glass or have images, but still will let in the light. You are so creative!! I need you to come to my house and help me!!

  9. Your door looks great! I've never etched glass make it look so easy! Thanks for linking up to A Couple of Craft Addicts!

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