Lost Keys Come Home, Maybe!

Don’t you just hate losing your keys?!

I’ve probably lost or misplaced more sets of keys than you can shake a stick at!

With my recent spate of ‘bad luck’ I’m not taking any chances and have made myself a new key ring.

Not just any ol’ key ring, but one which, if lost by me and found by some random person, will hopefully find its way back to me.

It’s a regular fabric key chain, but with my phone number sewn into the inside!
Genius if I do say so myself. Everything should be labelled in some way;  like when your school uniform had your name labels in EVERYTHING, so when you toddled up to lost property you could always get back your own stuff rather than the manky jumper which had been sat in the box collecting moths and dust bunnies, eewww!

Anyhoo, if you want to make one for yourself, or anyone else you know who likes to lose keys here is how!

Gather up the following

{Fabric, 4”x16”
Key ring
Sewing machine & bits’n’bobs
Needle & embroidery thread}

Iron your fabric all nice and smooth.

Fold in half and press.

Open up; fold both edges A & B, into the centre and press.

Fold in half press again, a bit like making bias tape!

Thread your needle and embroider your phone number.

You almost want to unfold the fabric, but don’t, just make sure your needle goes up through A and back down through A only, when you have finished embroidering, press A & B together again, the underside of your stitches will be sandwiched between A & B.

Once you have added the phone number, lay the fabric out flat, and top stitch a ¼” along both long edges.

Fold the fabric in half, with the short ends together, and the phone number on the outside.

Slip the ring on to the fabric loop.

Sew ¼” from the edge; make sure you go back and forth several times.

Fold fabric so the seam is on the inside along with the phone number.

Pull the ring towards the seam, top stitch just above the ring to prevent it from sliding around too much.

Attach to keys and hopefully don’t lose them!

 I would use your mobile / cell phone number not your actual house phone number.

Obviously this only works if whoever finds your keys calls the number to tell you or hands them in at a Police station!

Or you could try ‘accidently’ dropping your keys whilst strolling past a certain Ryan Gosling! Now wouldn’t that be an awesome phone call

“Hey girl, I got your keys, shall I drop them round…?”

Okay well I’m off to lose my keys!


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  1. Genius idea. Especially so for the older child who's completely scatty (mentioning no names here).

  2. brilliant idea! would love it if you linked this up to my party! i need 9 more entries to donate more money to a little girl's adoption fund! http://crayonfreckles.blogspot.com/2012/02/tip-toe-thru-tuesday-feb3.html

  3. That is a super idea!

    When I first read your title, I thought, Oh no, don't tell me she lost her keys! How much more can she take! lol

    Glad to hear you haven't lost them yet!!

  4. Great idea about the phone number! I'm off to add mine to the new key chain I just made myself!

  5. Super cute and clever-- I know that Ryan would be able to spot it right away! :)

  6. Great idea and not too complicated! That means I'm more likely to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  7. What a great idea! The fabric you chose is cool too!


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