My Little Grey Cloud of Gloom

I have no idea what on earth is going on with me lately, but I have a little grey cloud of bad luck / karma, call it what you will following me around for the last week or so, just raining down crap on me.

It all started just before Valentine’s Day


 Ahren asked me where his sister is!!

He doesn’t have a sister, and we have no plans of adding a sister or brother to the mix any time soon, didn’t exactly get me in the mood for romance.

Then my back gave out whilst I was in the kitchen. I managed to stager to living room, kinda dropped to my knees and was howling / screaming / crying in pain. 

The kiddos asked me what was wrong; I told them mummy had hurt her back, which they ‘naturally’ took as an invitation to sit on my back expecting horsey rides.

How the heck I managed not to scream blue murder is anyone’s guess.
I really wasn’t destined to have a romantic Valentine’s Day.


I slipped over on the kitchen floor whilst holding a cup of coffee, ouch!

Hot coffee all over my arm and back. My leg buckled under me in a rather ungainly manner.


Unable to find the glass etching cream, so can’t finish off DIY, really ticked off and refuse to buy another as I know I will then find the original bottle, misplace the receipt and be left with 2 bottles.

So I shall wait, and ignore the DIY project mocking me every day, grrrr.


Slipped over on one of the kiddos books, whilst holding Ethan, not sure who was most scared/ shocked/ upset. Who said book learning was good for you?

{Friday ~ Sunday}

Break about 40 or so finger and toe nails. Stand on more toys, pointy end only, than I ever knew we had.


I try fixing my staple gun, the spring had got a little stuck, and I was wiggling it free, when BAMO the bloody thing fired off into my boob! Lucky for me I had taken out the staples but that thing has some smack / pinch combo going on that hurts like, well you can imagine!


Find my stash of 20 or so hand sewing needles by jabbing most of them into my hand whilst rooting around my fabric basket, oweeee!


Slipped over again, bashed knee on kitchen step and japed my toe in a way which is still hurting over 4 hours later L

Burnt my wrist on the waffle maker, flippin’ hurt but the waffles sure did taste 

Burnt the handle of the kettle on the waffle maker!
Set fire to the slotted spoon when it fell into the flames on the stove top!

On top of all this I’ve had the usual {for me any way} bumps and bruises, burnt toast marathons, attempts at putting the kettle in the fridge and slips down the stairs.

So what the bijinkos is going on? I’m pretty accident prone but this is getting rather ridiculous, I know nothing major has happened but I’m getting a little fed up of it now.

I dare not try anything to crafty incase I accidently sew my fingers to some ruffles or mitre saw my hand off.



  1. Good God, Amanda, what a catalogue of disasters. Things can only get better. I'm sure of it.

    I had a particularly grumpy and shouty start to the week but I'm feeling better now. Keep calm and carry on. Deep breaths and all that.

    Hope your back is better and hope you find your glass etching cream as I'm desperate to see what you're up to. xxxxxxxx

  2. oh my.. you should be wrapped in bubble wrap... sounds like mommy needs a spa day :)

  3. Oh my goodness, I hope things start looking up for you!


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