Funky Flu & Tea Towels

It’s been a funny old week.

Anyone else got this awful flu that is going round?

 It has totally knocked the stuffing out of me, even lifting a load of laundry from the washing machine to the dryer left me tired!

It’s not been helped any by hubby and the boys suffering with it also, a house with 4 sick people is not a happy house!

I've been in a funk too as it should have been my dad’s 67th birthday this Tuesday, even though its 12 years since he died, things like his birthday still send me into a funk.

This is the kind of week when a surprise ‘pick me up’ is truly welcomed, Ethan tried cheering me up.

He wished me a ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ then dropped his Monster Truck on my foot, he meant well, and the pain in my foot did stop me from thinking about my headache for a little while!

Ethan's Truck!
But Jooles probably cheered me up the most; I was the lucky winner of this tea towel.

A rather spiffy tea towel, darling!
Isn't it wonderful?

I do rather like ol’ Lizzy, so having a Diamond Jubilee souvenir is lovely, rather getting me in the mood for afternoon tea, with cucumber sandwiches and scones, followed by a relaxing game of croquet on the lawn!

The tea towel is from Ulster Weavers; treat yourself to a little something, especially if you have this flu, you deserve it! They have lovely collections for the kitchen and around the home, something for everyone.

 With Mother’s Day coming up next week you might find a gift or two!

If a tea towel doesn't float your boat, pop over to Jooles lovely shop, Sew SweetViolet, and I’m sure you will find something there for your mum or a little treat just for you!

Hopefully by tomorrow morning I will be feeling slightly more human, and will actually get round to doing something.