Misty Day Photo ~ Editing photos

Have you ever taken a photo and been surprised at how well it turned out?

I’m a classic


Kinda girl

Sometimes I even rock the disposable cameras.

With all the photo editing software available, both free and paid for, it’s easier than ever to give your photos a little ‘oomph’ if they need it.

The other day some crazy thick mist / fog rolled in off the sea, we decided to bundle up the boys and take a walk in it, as you do!

We have a pretty cool pier here, most days you can’t miss her, at almost 1000 feet long, not small, but, with the fog, you could hardly see a thing.

I snapped this pic as we walked past.

When we got home I uploaded it to Picmonkey, all I did was crop the photo and added a boarder, I love the pops of red!

I then decided to mess around some more, just using crop and adding a different effect each time to change the photo.

I love how these turned out, what do you think?



  1. They look great! You should get one printed off and framed!
    Maria x


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