Spring Days

What a glorious day we had here in sunny ol’ East Sussex.

It was so lovely in fact that hubby dared to show his rather shapely legs off to the world in shorts and flip flops.
{EDIT: hubby has lovely legs, in his own words 'toned and muscular', he also has a rather lovely bottom!}

I was slightly more conservative and just let everyone get a peek of my toes, not sure peeps are ready to see my pasty Winterfied legs.

We spent most of the day in the garden, painting up a storm {more on this later}, I also snapped a few photos of a ladybug or ladybird, not sure which is the right term, and either a skinny bee or regular sized wasp.

I don’t have a fancy camera, I just know either I would drop it and break it or the kiddos would get hold of it and break it. Besides, as much as think I would like one, I’m pretty sure all the different lenses and ISO number type things would confuse me even more than I already am.

But I gotta say, I’m really pleased with these shots, nothing majorly impressive, but not too shoddy I think.

I tinkered around with them a little in PicMonkey, a new alternative to Picnik.
It is wonderfully easy to navigate the various editing options, and there is always the handy undo button if you do mess up!

It looks sleek and fresh; some of the other photo editing sites look kinda cluttered and fussy.

Although not available at the moment collage and more will be coming soon!

There is no registration required, yippy!

There are some fancy features which are free to use at the moment, but will most likely be chargeable in a few months, kinda like premium Picnik.

I’ve only used it a few times since it came out yesterday, but I’m already addicted, I think it’s better than Picnik actually, and I’m looking forward to seeing what other great features they come up with! Pop over and have a play around at editing some photos.

Fingers crossed we have another lovely day tomorrow, have you got any plans for this weekend?



  1. "Rather shapeley legs"???
    Not sure I should take that as an insult or a comment, my dear!!!



  2. wow! gorgeous photos! especialloy that first one! what a beautiful place you live in!


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