Starting the Spring Clean

{Fingers Crossed}

I think Spring is making an appearance. Yippy!

I snapped a few photos of the flowers which have miraculously survived both Winter and my somewhat atrocious gardening skills.

They may not be much but they are mine, and don’t they look lovely!

We took a stroll down the beach, which was surprisingly busy.  After a while of living someplace which has seasonal changes in visitors, you notice when it’s busier than normal.

Folks were obviously craving some fresh sea air!

The boys had a great time doing their usual running back and forth running across the beach, so funny!

They run to the waves coming in, and then run screaming from them when they get too close.

They also like collecting stones, just random stones.

Ahren collecting stones for his stone bag!
I was admiring the beach huts, although these are made from brick not the typical wood structures I associate with beach huts, they are still rather lovely.

I love this shelter, there are two along the sea front each one has a thatched roof. 

Perfect for staying dry on when you get caught in a sudden down pour.

I’m getting the {Spring Cleaning Itch}, I just threw some old papers and magazines in the recycling box and it felt so good. Now I’m moving on to the rest of the house, room by room, I’m actually kinda excited!

Anyone else starting their Spring Cleaning?



  1. I love your photos of the boys at the beach-- priceless!! My kids are the same-- we always end up leaving with a collection of rocks and shells to take home, but I don't mind. Your spring is a little ahead of ours here-- the tips of the daffodils have emerged a few inches, but no blooms yet. But tomorrow is supposed to reach 60 degrees-- Yay!! Spring is my favorite time of year. I am doing a little tidying up around the house, but not an official and thorough spring cleaning just yet (but you've inspired me!!)

  2. I've started a bit of spring cleaning. I've been working on the studio... It's coming along, but it's more than a one day job. It does feel good to purge the clutter out of there though. I can't wait until it's de-cluttered and clean, so I can pretty it up!
    PS: Your boys are darling! Looks like they had a fun day at the beach :)


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