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This weekend I have been like a mad woman cleaning and sprucing up the place, I got the Spring Cleaning bug!
I did tons of laundry, washed walls, took down curtains, turned mattresses, sorted out piles of toys and clothes for donation, rearranged rooms and even sorted out some of my craft stash, phew!
After all that I was itching to do something for myself, so I sat down and did a little sewing.
lets make stuff
You know about my love for all things bunting, but I haven’t really mentioned I also love balloons, there is just something about them that reminds me of being a kid, even as a big kid I still love balloons.
let's fry away
I even used one as ID to gain entry to a bar on my 21st! Yep, the doorman asked if I had any ID, I replied ‘Yes, my balloon’ and swanned off into the club my helium filled balloon trailing behind me, in my defence, the balloon did have ‘Happy 21st Birthday’  on it.
Anyway, I decided to combine my loves of bunting and balloons into balloon bunting.
I raided my stash of scrap fabrics for this little sewing project, and sewed up a bunch of patches.
Using a balloon template I drew and cut out a whole bunch of balloons.
fabric balloons
I then folded some cotton tape in half and ironed it.
bunting tape
I had a whole bunch which my darling boys had unravelled, so I decided to just iron the lot, I make enough bunting that I would use it eventually, to keep it all nice and neat, I wrapped it round my ruler, stick a pin in it and its safe and secure for next time I use it.
Once my tape was ready, I used my sewing machine to sew each balloon to the tape.
balloons on bunting tape
I only did a few stitches along the top of each balloon.
balloon sewn on to tape
After I had sewn 20 or so balloons onto the tape I needed to attach strings to each balloon, I decided to use ric rac, loved how it looked on the banner I made for my kiddos birthday.
ric rac
I really could not be bothered with sewing each individual piece of ric rac, so I grabbed a bunch of brads.
 spring coloured brads
I pierced a piece of ric rac with a brad and then pierced the brad through the fabric balloon, at the base where you would usually tie the string, I opened up each brad to secure the ric rac to the fabric.
attaching ric rac to balloon
Once all the pieces of ric rac were attached, I snipped off any stray pieces of cotton, gave it an iron and then hung it up on the wall.
balloons and pin wheels
I put it up in the craft / playroom, I think it looks good above the pinwheels, now I’m wondering what other types of bunting I could do!
balloon bunting
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  1. that looks beautiful! I make buntings with oilcloth (from Dotty Brown) and also vintage doilies. I want to dye some doilies pastel colours but the dye is so expensive that I am trying to think of a cheaper alternative.

    xx Karen

  2. Very cute and creative bunting!

  3. So cute! I would love for you to share this with my Unveil Your Genius link party!
    (New linky every Thursday...each linky runs for a week)

    Happy Sunday!

  4. the balloon ID story cracks me up!! that's too cool! these are cute.. i love the brads you used on them! will you link this up to tuesday's party?

  5. So bright and cheerful.
    I love balloon races. xx

  6. This is super cute I love the balloons :-)

  7. I am in love with all things bunting too! And these balloons are adorable!!


  8. What a brilliantly adorable idea. Love it.

  9. These are gorgeous, I love the colors you used!

  10. The amount of work that obviously went into this bunting is impressive. Not only is it adorable but it is so well made. Great job!

    amy @

  11. Oh these are so lovely and unusual, they would be wonderful in a nursery. Thanks for commenting on our blog.

    Kelly @ Owl and Sewing Cat

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